It’s taken a small village to get this one together: Dragons/Doyle

by Dragons/Doyle

Finally finished the new tape for the Dragons/Doyle tour. Released on Toztizok Zoundz.

The week after next I (Stephen Dedalus) go to Berlin to play some shows and then move on to Poland, Lithuania and Latvia
Give us a shout if you’re around any of these places so wees can have the hangs.

4th June Multiversal #93 at Loophole with Lisa Simpson

9th June The Sunday Matinee #41 at Internet Explorer with DAS Cymbal Orchestra with Angela Etcetera, Lisa Simpson, Dave Grolsch and more guests.

!5th/16th Nah Dran extented with Agnė Auželytė…/alle-veranstaltung…/event/2409…

Dragons/Doyle Polish/Baltic Tour with Agnė Auželytė
17th Poznan, Kołorking Muzyczny.
18th Wrocław, Macondo Fundacja.
19th Lodz, Muzeum Książki Artystycznej (Book Art Museum).
25th Vilnius, Kirtimu Kulturos Centras.
26th Riga, Aleponija.
27th Kuliai, Kulių kultūros centras.
28th Plungė, Plunges kultūros centras.
29th Kaunas, Kauno Menininku Namai.
30th Vilnius, Studium P.
1st Warsaw, 4PoKOJE.
5th-7th Ponderosa Tanzland Festival, International Art space.
See full details:
See full Ponderosa program:

If you’re eager to be able to soak up as much of the Ponderosa Tanzland Festival as possible, this is for you. Combine all events, open classes, workshops, performances, and other manifestations throughout the whole of the festival. Maximum absorption!

Recorded in a wooden box in the bowels of an industrial building in Neuköln, Berlin on Sunday the 27th of January 2019.
There was no snow outside just a grey day. Anxiety as a party builds on the other side of the wall. The cocoon of sonic wrapping making a tender space in the mists of the tension.





It’s taken a small village to get this one together:
Recorded by Tom O’ Doherty
Mixed and Mastered by PQ
Cover Art by Laura Mcauliffe
Screen printed by Maaike
Inlay by Maia Matches

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New Old Dagora out now!

Econore is a record label focussing on experimental music and all kinds of weird stuff.

New Old Dagora, released May 20, 2019 0016402909_10

Besides releasing hand-crafted, limited edition cassettes, cds and magazines, we also organise and/or take part of art exhibitions and concerts.

To put it in a nutshell:

Econore is

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The Now Free Art and Music Collective Dagora (i AIN’t AFRAID of NO gHosT)

New Dagora tapes just out on Silver Ghosts. Contact me if you want a copy.
I’ll be performing the Cymbal orchestra with guests in Berlin on the 9th at The Sunday Matinee #41 at iE

we have a new tape out. it is the extended cymbal orchestra.
released by mr. padding himself.
i ain’t afraid of no ghost !

61059552_10156564616633893_5658953041244585984_o 60969221_10156564616653893_2304355971276734464_o

The Now Free Art and Music Collective Dagora featuring Rogier Smal Onno Govaert Charlotte Caldwell Nora Mulder Eric de Clercq Seb Zab Manuel Padding and Greatbustards, Live at the Sotu Festival.
Get it in to ya!

Dagora cymbal orchestra on the roof


“if you’re going to try, go all the way. there is no other feeling like that. you will be alone with the gods and the night will flame with fire”

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Four Corners Of The Globe (Action)

v/a – Four Corners Of The Globe
More ℹ️ soonish 🛒📦🔄🎚  #vinyl

OCCii LP MakingOff II OCCii LP MakingOff I

OCCii LP MakingOff IIIOCCii LP MakingOff IV


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1-800cymbal (GreenTribe 1312)

update: 56345946_2370611916504548_1841986305022492672_n

Dagora ride again, we’re doing an extended Cymbal Orchestra with alot of guests, we’ve got 11 people at the moment.
It’s going to be crazy good.
Nora Mulder Onno Govaert Rogier Smal Charlotte Caldwell Manuel Padding +1, Eric De Clerq, Hans +1, Eric Nijmegen.


Who’s gotta cymbal en mallets en wants to get cymbolicious with the Dagora Cymbal Orchestra at Green Tribe on Sunday 14th for the Sotu festival?

Holla at ya girl Rogier Smal #1-800cymbal #whatsyourcymbal

ah man! i am stoked to be joining stephen doyle’s “sonic cymbal orchestra” at sotu festival this year. 56635196_813814002288392_9098387625252749312_n

we are playing at green tribe on the 14th of april. yeah! a new squatted terrain in amsterdam, cause fuck the cops !


 SOTU will occupy the Sint Augustinus church on Thursday afternoon

This church, built in 1889, was squatted last february, after being left to rot and die by the owners 5 years ago. Since the judge couldn’t bear to kick them out, there will be at least another two weeks for them – and then: to infinity, we hope

SO SOTU can occupy the church on Thursday, from 14:00 it will be FREE PLAY FOR ALL. Bring your voice, bring your sticks and wires and whistles, bring a hangover and a good appetite for INFINITE REVERB for the silent guns of love will BLAST THE SKIES

There will be A PROGRAM from 4pm, the line-up will be there just in time. DAGORA has expressed interest, as well as ZS ZS (the organ is working!!) and VESTAS, and more TO COME. You interested to perform? Let us know!

HOW TO GET THERE: it’s an interesting bike-ride, but not very convenient by public transport, so we’ve arranged a permanent busconnection from the IJplein (take the free ferry behind Central Station) to the church. From 13:30 there will be a green VW T4 with a SOTU sign waiting to take you to the church. Later the bus can take you to Zaal 100 where the 2nd night of SOTU festival will take place. From 18 there’s also some really nice food in Zaal100. These are free rides for all, but please help the driver survive!

WHAT TO BRING: church people will supply us with coffee and tea. SOTU will bring some beers. Anything else: BRING YOUR OWN. There’s a kitchen we can use (no meat please!) so come cook up some breakfast to fuck the pain away

14:00 – 16:00
16:00 – 18:00
Line-up (will be announced at 4)

TiMEtABLE SOTU Festival 2019

 TiMEtABLE SOTU Festival




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Vital Weekly 1168

logo vital weekly

number 1168
week 5


Vital Weekly, the webcast: we offering a weekly webcast, freely to download. This can be regarded as the audio-supplement to Vital Weekly. Presented as a radioprogramm with excerpts of just some of the CDs (no vinyl or MP3) reviewed. It will remain on the site for a limited period (most likely 2-4 weeks). Download the file to your MP3 player and enjoy!
complete tracklist here:

Listen to the podcast on Mixcloud!

(cassette by Toztizok Zoundz)

Did I hear of Dagora before? I can’t recall. Not sure if they now split up with a name like this, or perhaps if there is some hidden pun/nod/respect to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. At least he made it to the cover, so it must be. Maybe this is just a one-off release from the weird and wacky minds that you also find with Occii, Amsterdam’s more adventurous stages when it comes to new music. Both sides of this eighty-minute tape revolve around the sound of the cymbal, one of those parts of the drum kit, in case you were wondering; and yes, Prince referred to himself as the symbol at one point. It all ties together. On the first side, we have Stevus playing the cymbal acoustically without the use of any effects and he does that to great effect. I guess it’s easy to hit the cymbal and get it going, ringing and singing as you would know it, but after about sixteen minutes he takes the sound down and it becomes all spooky and quiet, like someone moving around in the recording space with a handheld recorder, going outside and the cymbal almost disappearing. It ends with a poem and sparse cymbal sound. It is all-together a great piece,
powerful and delicate. On the other side is PQ uses Stevus recording and putting it through what is just called ‘his wide range of machines, the circuit bending wizard’, so I have vaguely an idea of what’s going on, but that is also based upon what I hear here. PQ moves the original around, sometimes sounding like the ‘original + transformations’, but at a few assorted points in time the transformations are to such an extent that they no longer sound like a cymbal. Towards the end, it becomes some sort of crazy electronic organ doodle, and it is hard to believe it has anything to do with the cymbal. PQ offers quite a wild ride here, going from one end to the exact opposite but it surely works quite well; different kind of power. Nice risograph printed cover also wrapped around
here and it tops off a fine product that oozes the halcyon days of cassette releases. (FdW)
––– Address:
released December 20, 2018


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Majjem Radio… Hinhören bitte!!

New show online!! Lot of freshness and some polished old pearls… Hinhören bitte!! majjem 160119

Majjem Radio

Majjem 16-01-2019



David Edren – Ijskristallen
Tape: Various – JJ Funhouse Christmas Compilation Vol. 3 ‘Icicle’ [JJ Funhouse JJ018]

Alpár – Triff Mich Unter Dem Mistelzweig
Tape: Various – JJ Funhouse Christmas Compilation Vol. 3 ‘Icicle’ [JJ Funhouse JJ018]

Vallihauta – Kolonia
Lp: II [Future Lunch, Forthcoming]

Farai – National Gangsters
Lp: Rebirth [Big Dada BD292]

Nkisi – IV
Cd: Various – Mind The Gap #136, Free With Gonzo (Circus) #149]

Croatian Amor – Into Salt (Ft. Alto Aria)
Cd: Various – Mind The Gap #136, Free With Gonzo (Circus) #149]

Roy Montgomery – Last Years Man
10’’: Last Year’s Man/After Vermeer [Okraïna

Leonard Cohen – Last Year’s Man
Lp: Songs of love And Hate [Columbia C 30103]

Dead Neanderthals – Gestation
Dig.: Gestation [Bandcamp]

51717 – Exile
Lp: Paranoia Star [L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems) LIES119, Forthcoming]

Umwelt – Affres
 10’’: Rave Or Die 11 [Rave Or Die ROD11]

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker – Massaker
Lp: The Tribe [Zensor/Marat Records CM 08]

Caspar Brötzmann Massaker – Böhmen
Lp: Black Axis [Marat Recorts MARAT CM14]

Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant – Rakshasa
Lp: Split W/Karkhana & Nadah El Shazly – Carte Blanche [Unrock]

Karkhana & Nadah El Shazly – Dans Ma bouche
, Une Autre Bouche
Lp: Split W/Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant [Unrock]

Otomo Yoshihide – Turntable Solo
Tape: Unreleased Recordings 1975-2012 [Senko Issha Records SI-8]

Otomo Yoshihide – Organ 1975
 Tape: Unreleased Recordings 1975-2012 [Senko Issha Records SI-8]

K2 – Perfect Lessons
Tape: Split W/Yingfan – K2/Yingfan [Senko Isshia Records ]

The Artist Formerly Known As Dagora – Side B

Tape: Cymbol [Toztizok Zoundz Toztizok Zoundz #1312]

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The New Art and Music Collective Dagora present: Toztizok Zoundz #1312

The New Art and Music Collective Dagora present:

Continue reading

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Petite rappel! N’oubliez pas de réserver votre dimanche 9 décembre!

Petite rappel! N’oubliez pas de réserver votre dimanche 9 décembre! On va voyager entre Free Jazz, Kraut et Noise avec Lori Goldston, Mik Quantius, Thomas Hopf, Jens Pollheide, les excellents Piloot et puis le duo liègeois qui monte Nystagmus aka le duo Tom Malmendier et Farida Amadou

Lori Goldston will perform with Mik Quantius (Embryo), Jens Pollheide (Embryo) and Thomas Hopf (Damo Suzuki & Michael Karoli Sofortkontakt from CAN)… Check this unmissable reunion!


lori mik luik

Lori Goldston and Friends (Embryo members) – Piloot – Nystagmus

Collectif Mental proudly presents:

Lori Goldston music (Nirvana/Earth – Seattle) & friends

Nous avons l’honneur de recevoir Lori Goldston, célèbre violoncelliste, prof, improvisatrice et compositrice de musique de film, originaire de Seattle. Lori a collaboré depuis la fin des 80’s avec de nombreux groupes et artistes dont Nirvana, Earth, Secret Chiefs 3, Cat Power, Marisa Anderson, David Byrne, Natacha Atlas, Matana Roberts et tant d’autres.

Profitant de son passage à Paris, au Centre Georges Pompidou, elle fera un crochet par La Zone avec quelques amis qui viendront l’accompagner sur scène. Parmi eux, notamment, le frontman au verbe ébouriffant Mik Quantius, que nous avions eux la chance d’apercevoir à La Zone avec Embryo l’année dernière.

D’autres pointures de la scène kraut et expérimentale allemande seront également de la partie.

Piloot (Be)

(FR) Le trio bruxellois Piloot est sorti de l’ombre en 2017 avec un premier EP éponyme. Ils viendront nous présenter “Recuerda tu futuro”, leur dernière production en date.

Leur compositions instantanées les ont emmenés en tournée en Inde et en Europe, accompagnant Marc Ribot et son projet Ceramic Dog, ainsi qu’Acid Mothers Temple.

Repoussant les limites de leurs instruments par le recours à l’électronique et autres techniques sonores avancées, Piloot crée un voyage astral au travers de motifs répétitifs, de drones et de chaos extatiques, vous laissant dans un état de transe au milieu de paysages kaléidoscopiques. Leur performance au sol, au centre du public, nous offre une expérience immersive. On pourrait penser à Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, Cluster.

Florian Guibert: flute
Cyrille de Haes (Otto Lindholm) : contrebasse
JP De Gheest (Mark Lanegan band): batterie

«This trio is probably the best possibility to enter back summums of improv-free-rock-kraut-jazz that a combo as CAN did sublimely in the 70’s.»
Rodolphe Coster

NYSTAGMUS (Tom Malmendier & Farida Amadou duo)

Nystagmus est un duo impro/noise, basé à Liège et mené par Farida Amadou (Cocaine Piss) à la basse électrique, et Tom Malmendier à la batterie et autres joyeusetés bruitistes.

La musique de Nystagmus est principalement influencée par le bruit, les odeurs, tout ce qui groove, et aussi ce qui ne groove pas.


La Zone

Quai de l’Ourthe, 42, 4020 Luik
lori mik freakscene
Lori Goldston & Mik Quantius live now (Monday 10-12-2018) on/at radio centraal’s freakscene
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Who Said We’re Satisfied.?.

who said Coming up:

tomorrow nov 20 @ worm, rotterdam
oud + electronics
Glorias Navales + Dirar Kalash

thursday nov 22 @ kuhlspot, berlin
WildSonico: Kerbaj/Marks – Czerniawska/Thieke/Gordoa – Kalash

with KALATA (with Joke Lanz and Utku Tavil)
saxophone + electronics
friday nov 23 @ Multiversal #87 ,berlin

saturday nov 24 @ greenhouse, berlin
A t m o _ s p h ä r e # 9

and two trio performances with Ame Zek and Guilherme Rodrigues :
sunday nov 25 @ wendel, berlin
monday nov 26 @ the workshop, berlin

photo © Žiga Koritnik, 2017

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