Heinous Whining #13 (Online evenement)

“Algorythmically generated machine learned noise gig improves comprehensibility” claims the big wigs in the Meeedia! But we know this is hardcrafted incompetence this very Saturday! Zoinks!

heinous whining

Was gonna insert a clever “we live inside a stream” Twin Peaks joke here but a good idea escapes me. Going to be running these streams fortnightly now to…
1) ensure quality
2) retain my sanity
3) cos I wanna
But we got a bumper lineup to reconcile ya Saturday woes (or whoa!s)
Phil Minton – Feral vocal gymnastics and trickshots from long-time master of the gurp & slurp cheektwist and lung huff. If you google him google thinks he’s a jazz trumpeter which is kinda right if you have a right loose grasp on a trumpet..https://f-a-t-a-k-a.bandcamp.com/album/a-doughnuts-end
Mik Quantius – Weird messings with the object that is an instrument. Can it be mushed? Stacked? Petted? Squeezed? Crushed?? Yamaha keoyboard chance chords cacophonisings and vocal mystery stuff
Yol – It’s YOL! Yeah you know it! He’s on line!!!! Primeval holler and the biggest nails on the chalkiest board scrape n howl about Tescos meal deals other crushing banalities https://yolnoise.bandcamp.com/album/shit-holiday
Carnivorous Plants Trio – Carny Plants returns with a whole shrubsworth more of folks in tow. Blind jams meet in the middle into undoubtedly warm, dense malaise https://liquidlibrary.bandcamp.com/album/everything-is-always-real
… (something) ruined
– Finally some decent bloody humans powering the electronics. Fierce electronic skreeeee from Foldhead’s head head and righteous punching up from ‘loud poet’ Aural ‘Chris’ Aggravations https://humanworth.bandcamp.com/track/5-minutes-over-leeds-live-at-human-worth-iii
Swarn Front – TOPH dreamteam of Adam Denton, Mariam Rezaei and Mark Wardlaw speak sombre sounds and stretch and scratch electricity into a grey malaise. Entirely compos mentis free-fall-form https://tophgateshead.bandcamp.com/album/sear
Worship my Panther – Crunched keyboard preset disco rhythms and wiggles from one of the bones from Woven Skull https://hypnagogictapes.bandcamp.com/album/worship-my-panther-60-minutes-of-ecstatic-floor-fillers
Labas Krabas – Odie ji Ghast & Thomas Tyler use dictaphones, voice, guitar, mountain dulcimer, bells, electronics, tapes, miscellaneous objects & baby to tear a sizeable chunk out of your clue hole. Now you haven’t got a scooby what’s going on. Praise be! https://cadmustape.bandcamp.com/album/12daay
Blackcloudsummoner & Otherworld – Two masters of psyched out and big brain deep dark dirge and decay return to HW to team up and ride it out! Utter talents!! https://outletarchival.bandcamp.com/album/my-god-is-full-of-stars
Expose Your Eyes – Goold ol’ blown out too-much technicolour audio gristle from Paul Harrison. Whiggin’ it from minimal to maximal https://aphelioneditions.bandcamp.com/album/brain-pan
Sippy Cup – Absolutely free music. Anything to hand racketeering into ecstatic full-play colourful joy shit. Squeaky toys and drums? Guitar and a lightswitch? https://sippy-cup.bandcamp.com/
+ more TBA
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The finest in chaotic noise and experimental music delivered direct to ur device. (S.I.Y)

Big recommendation from us for tonight:

Iso Mass is back! 8th edition tonight with some real STARS. The finest in chaotic noise and experimental music delivered direct to ur device.

All on telegram, public group here:

TIMESTAMPS: —- 00:00:00 Yoni Silver 00:10:40 Territorial Gobbing 00:16:26 Tricia Dawn Williams 00:21:30 Stephen Chase 00:36:53 Joyce Whitchurch 00:43:23 Mik Quantius 01:01:20 La Brea Pulpit 01:19:01 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson 01:20:58 Junko 01:46:40 Vanessa Rosetto
BIOS: —- Vanessa Rossetto An imaginative composer of dense, rough-hewn electronic works pitched perfectly between ambiguity and allusion. Rossetto uses primarily chamber instrumentation, field recordings, electronics and a wide array of objects. In 2008, she launched her own CD-R label, Music Appreciation. https://vanessarossetto.bandcamp.com/
Junko Earth scorching vocal prowess from legendary Hijokaidan mainstay. Unparalleled larynx violence, high register assault and aural destruction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7o5Ai…
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson Stilluppsteypa member since 1991, SBS is an Icelandic powerhouse. A Compelling visual and performance artist, faultless haunting multi-instrumental soundscapes, and haunted spoken and sung fairytale confusions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-h1G… La Brea Pulpit High quality energy slaps, circuit distress, spilled dinners. 1 half GS 1 half Feghoots. https://labreapulpit.bandcamp.com/rel…
Mik Quantius Beefheartian frenzied gur-gling and screeching atop fragments of demented disco-psych and scrying mirror synth meditations. Vocalist in Krautrock legends Embryo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y66jB…
Joyce Whitchurch Fountain head of joyus instruction. Rumoured to have time stopping ability. Must view whilst wearing a cape. Stephen Chase Deep dive composer / explorer, other worldly down to earth. Retracing fantastical journeys in public phone boxes, without stepping foot on hither or bother. https://stephenchase.wordpress.com/
Tricia Dawn Williams Born in Malta, of Irish and Welsh descent, Tricia Dawn Williams is committed to contemporary music, multimedia and new technologies. Williams is one of the first concert pianists to collaborate with developers and composers internationally on the application of gesture-control technology. During isolation Dawn has seized the opportunity to explore toy piano repertoire as these can be transported to various locations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHUfA…
Territorial Gobbing Flash top carboot sale ahoy. Tapes, clutter and dfs adverts of never ending sales, wind taken out of. Free whiplash with every purchase of a new catchphrase. https://territorialgobbing.bandcamp.com/
Yoni Silver Healthy young and full of puff. Power source inciting envy with endless wow and more puff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtgtB…


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vital past (chain lock 2020)

ALSO , this record is finally out. or digitally anyway, does that count ?

Roro opened up a 6 week tour for EARTH doing a duo with master musician, master mind and master friend Don McGreevy. We didn’t have anything prepared really, we jammed twice before the first show. And post tour we had too much coffee and recorded this in Amsterdam. It sounds like a long time ago. But everybody is living in the past anyway, right ?
Have a listen:

released April 1, 2020

DM: 6 & 12 string electric & acoustic guitars, mellotron, glockenspiel, saw sharpening

RS: trap-kit, mini gongs, percussives, congas, bells, etc.

Accompanied by Skerik: baritone Sax (Jigsaw and Devils)

Recorded by Luc van Weelden and Beau Eckhardt at RPM Studio March 2015 Amsterdam. Additional engineering by Evan Schiller May 2016 at Zulu studios Seattle
Mixed and mastered at Zulu by Evan June 2016

number 1232
week 19

MARIA CARLAS & MYLO CYWITZ – 3N6463M3N7 DR1V3R’ (USB by Toztizok Zoundz)

In 2018 Carlas and Cywits debuted with a cassette release for the Dutch Plattegrond Records. I remember being pleasantly surprised and impressed by their strange opera-like music. With their new album ‘3n6463m3n7 dr1v3r’ – a digital-only release for Toztizok Zoundz – this Amsterdam-based duo continues on this path and further explore and deepen their operatic and semi-orchestral music. Maria Carlas (real name: Carla Genchi) is a classically trained vocalist from Italy. She studied at the Nino Rota Conservatory in Monopoli. Cywitz is a singer and composer of German origin, and that is about all I know from his background. Vocals function at the centre in their dramatic musical constructions, ranging from operatic singing to sprechgesang in Dutch, English or French. Sometimes they sing with their natural voices, sometimes they are manipulated. Consequently embedded in a weird instrumental environment of electronics and acoustical instruments (keyboards, synth, sampler, mandolin, glockenspiel, etc.), that suggest orchestral proportions. Their very outspoken and bizarre musical compositions can be situated somewhere between audio play and music. It all sounds very determined and worked out. In live settings, visuals and costumes complete their theatrical concept. But also without these aspects listening to their playful music is very rewarding. (DM)

––– Address: http://www.vitalweekly.net/1232.html

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Mik Quantius (Embryo) / 20 Guilders JaPan Tour (+ KraaK Festival 2020 )

ベルギーSloow Tapes主宰Bart De Paepe、4月に初来日のEmbryoのMik Quantius、アントワープのキーマンWarre Fungus、Louis Freresと結成のWeird Psych Improv “Fuji”のCDを拙レーベル(20作目!)よりリリース予定。今月末にBrusselsのKraak Festivalに招聘、演奏予定。2/24発売。詳細後日!

Plunks plan recordings new stuff will be ready. Fuji “In Brussels” (PPCD020) will be out on Feb 24! Fuji are improvised weird psych collective by Warre Fungus/Bart De Paepe (Sloow Tapes)/Louis Freres joined by Mik Quantius/Junzo Suzuki. Details is soon to be announced! #Fuji #BartDePaepe #SloowTapes #LouisFreres #MikQuantius #JunzoSuzuki



【Mik Quantius(Embryo/De) / 20 Guilders JP Tour 2020】

ドイツよりジャーマンロックの伝説EMBRYOのシンセ/VOを務めるMik Quantius、残念ながら先頃の来日公演は不参加でしたが、2020年4月、ソロとして4月に奇跡の初来日!全国17箇所、全行程酔いどれアシッド義兄弟DUO『20ギルダーズ』が同行します!

下記にプロフィール付記していますが、ヨーロッパでは「Living legend」と称されるmik、しかし、いろいろ難しいことは抜きにして、音楽も人間も最高すぎるMikに皆さん会いに来てください!詳細は随時アップ予定です!

20GUILDERS (Mitsuru Tabata/Junzo Suzuki) proudly announced our upcoming spring JP tour with living legend MIK QUANTIUS OF EMBRYO!!!!! off course, this time is the first time touring in japan for mik ever!!! hope japanese heads digs Mik’s crazy/fantastic/magical art/music!! whole tour dates are below. also, this time is the longest tour in this country for us!! stay tuned/stoned!!


-4/2 thu Bonobo, Tokyo

-4/3 fri Shelter Rock Bar, Nagoya

-4/4 sat Dance Hall Benihana, Hikone

-4/5 sun Annie’s Cafe, Kyoto

-4/7 tue Bears, Osaka

-4/8 wed Helluva Lounge, Kobe

-4/9 thu Chaotic Noise, Kochi

-4/10 fri TBA, Matsuyama

-4/11 sat TBA, Takamatsu

-4/12 sun TBA, Okayama

-4/13 mon Jimo Cafe, Hiroshima

-4/14 tue Indian Oceam, Hofu

-4/15 wed Gallery Soap, Kokura

-4/16 thu At Hall, Oita

-4/17 fri Navarro. Kumamoto

-4/18 sat Fuji, Omuta

-4/19 sun Gigi, Fukuoka

Mik Quantius + 20 Guilders feat. Koji Shimura from MIMINOKOTO

-4/20 mon Hikari no Uma, Okubo

ドイツはケルンをベースに活動するボーカリスト/シンセサイザー奏者。2000年頃よりジャーマンロックの伝説「Embryo」に参加、また、数多くのアンダーグラウンドミュージシャンと共演を重ね、その「サイケデリック」としか形容のし難いボーカリゼーション/シンセサイザーは、全く持って異彩を放ち、多大なリスペクトを集めている。Embryoとしては、NYのNo Neck Blues Bandとの共演作、また、No Neck Blues Bandのデビッド・ナスとのWay Of The Cross、自身がリーダーを務める「Frankenstein’s Bullet」における圧倒的なフローティングクラウトロック、トイジャンクエレクトロニクス/Leftfield的なソロアルバムがアムステルダムの守護神OCCIIのレーベルよりアナログで発売されている。また、Amon Duul 2 のChris Kerrerとも親交が深く、Mikrokosmosにて活動を共にしている。luthDu今回、奇跡の初来日、全日程、20Guildersとのジョイントとなる。


BOREDOMS、ZENI GEVA、Acid Mothers Templeなど、多くの日本の伝説的バンドのメンバーとして活躍してきたタバタミツルと、みみのことや、ソロ活動で知られるスズキジュンゾの二人による、guitars&vocalsのElectric spacy folky duo. 共通のルーツである”folk rock”や”psychedelic rock”に焦点を絞るというコンセプトで07年結成。GYUUNE CASSETTEより二枚のスタジオ・アルバムをリリースしている他、自らのレーベルGulden Muzikも主宰。米国ではNod and Smile RecordsやEye Vibe RecordsからLPやカセットをリリースしている。18年にGulden Muzikより初のInstrumental guitar ambient album “il grande silenzio”を発売。従来の歌とは別にExperimentalなAmbient guitar musicでLive活動も行なっている。19年4月にAcoustic studio live album “Acoustic Motherfuckers”をリリース。19年5月より初の欧州ツアー、8月にオーストラリア・ツアーを敢行。現在サードアルバムレコーディング中。

https://20guilders.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/20Guilders/
Vertaling bekijken

mik 20 guilders

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pm us! (onwards to 2020)

🖤 It’s gonna be a noisy new year! Volgende week spelen we in Nieuwegein 🔥
Als je t adres wil, 🔥 pm me ff! 🖤  CANCELLED :-(((


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◎ The Marshmallow Experiment (mysterious Berlin)

Mikkii und Stephen are on the road again!!!

DIE ZEIT TRIO featuring Mik Quantius (Embryo), Oliver Rivera Drew & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt with special guests Diego Ferri & Kristof Hahn (Swans) will be performing November 27, 2019 Berlin. PM the artists for more info.

The Marshmallow Experiment will have its premiere in Villa K next week, exciting!

Villa K // DinnerKafé & Koncerts

You’re all welcome to join us for an evening with extraordinary vocal performance, DIY cyber-punk post-apocalyptic armors, speculations of the real, and the Marshmallow experiment!

Door 19:00 // Food 19:30 // Concerts 20:30
Food 3,50 + Suggested donation musicians 3-5EUR
Villa K, Violenweg 2 Den Haag

The Marshmallow Experiment

△ Mik Quantius
“The magic that is Mik Quantius”, probably the best description for musician/vocalist from Germany, known for being a member of krautrockband EMBRYO but since a couple of years also performs extraordinary solo sets, playing the space and the moment, improvising with keyboards and his own body as instrument, make sure you don’t miss this.

“ToxiCity”, 2019

ToxiCity is a collective performance and on-going project that collects and maps air toxicity levels in different cities. For this purpose, several speculative bodies, human-trash hybrids in a “DIY cyber-punk post-apocalyptic” armor, wander the city sensing the atmosphere around them and reacting to it by triggering oscillating sounds mediated by DIY electronics and open-source software. Through the projection of a body that enunciates the unseen constant air pollution that surround us on a daily basis, – and thus, making it a common ground for every being in the planet –, there is an attempt to criticize the techno-fixes our petrol fueled societies rely on today to extend our lives in this sick capitalist system by creating a scenario of confusion and noise that reflect the intensity of pollution. ToxiCity reflects on the human condition, on our collective effort and actions to remain alive, in an attempt to question our ways to cope with climate change and natural imbalance.



Xavier Paes is an emergent Portuguese artist working within the indefinite fields of visual arts, sound and performance, being also part of the Porto based artist collective Favela Discos. A devote practitioner of the zenoise buddhist philosophy and the arts of divinatory alternative realities, in a continuous speculation of the real through concepts like acoustic phenomena, repetition, sympathetic frequencies and resonant bodies, having improvisation, gleaning, activism and multi-instrumentalism as the most present tools in his practice, exploring and potentiating different approaches to the ideas of body and space through the use of daily life objects, electronics or whatever he can lay is hands on.




Sunday 24th, Berlin: Joining the Agente Costura backing band “The Thread” with Angela Etcetera and Lisa Simpson
Able Bodies / Adventure Team / Agente Costura & The Thread
Next week Dragons/Doyle Mini tour with Agnė Auželytė and the Econore records heads: Julius Ménard, licht-ung, Jeans Beast, Dragons/Doyle

Friday 29th, Den Haag: Myriads 27: Dragons+Doyle, Julius Ménard, Jeans Beast, Licht-Ung
Saturday 30th, Castricum: Experimental: Toztizok
Sunday 1st, Krefeld: Drone on a Sunday

Then back to Berlin, where me and Agne are presenting a new dance piece at Lake Studios Berlin where we have been working for the past month.
Friday 6th & Saturday 7th: Double Bill: Grace Euna Kim & Agnė Auželytė x Stephen Doyle


Double Bill: Grace Euna Kim & Agnė Auželytė x Stephen Doyle

Our Double Bill features two selected artists currently in residency to create new dance performance pieces. They will share their work on two nights at LAKE Studios.

December 6th & 7th, 2019 @ 20:00

Tickets: €14,-
Reservations: lakestudiosberlin@gmail.com

Supported by Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


AGNĖ AUŽELYTĖ & Stephen Doyle

Lake Studios Berlin
Scharnweberstrasse 27, 12587 Berlijn


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Between art and rock ’n’ roll since 2006 (SOLD OUT!)

Going to BRX this weekend to see my favorite band live @ the most humble Les Ateliers Claus❣️ Also asked to bring my favorite records to play before and after Lightning Bolt + Flugvel og geimskip // SOLD OUT …


Lightning Bolt (usa) + dj. flugvel og geimskip (is)
Rue Crickx

Al 25 jaar maken bassist Brian Gibson en vocalist-drummer Brian Chippendale artistiek verantwoord lawaai onder de naam Lightning Bolt. Het duo leerde elkaar kennen op de kunstschool van Rhode Island en op een steenworp daarvandaan hebben ze nog steeds hun crusty hoofdkwartier in een industrieel kraakpand waar ze noise punk improviseren/componeren alsof het de betere popsongs zijn. Hun handelsmerk was jarenlang om niet op het podium te spelen maar op de grond, midden tussen een publiek dat al oorbeschermers droeg lang voordat er gratis oordopjes bestonden — Lightning Bolt is loeihard, ahead of the curve since day one en scoort hoog in de categorie “your favourite band’s favourite band”. Hun zevende langspeler ‘Sonic Citadel’ is het eerste dat in een studio is opgenomen, wat de oerdegelijke structuur van hun tracks net dat ietsje meer eer aandoet maar de virtuose bas, onhoudbare drums, distorted vocals en alle andere rafelige improvisatiekantjes even ruig laat als 25 jaar geleden. Gibson en Chippendale zijn ondertussen meesterlijke muzikanten geworden maar hun energie is nog steeds zo vol fluo-jeugdige nieuwsgierigheid dat zowel nieuwe als minder nieuwe fans (weer) toe zijn aan een intense trip.

For 25 years already Brian Gibson (bass) and Brian Chippendale (drums, vocals) have been making artistically approved musical violence under the name Lightning Bolt. The duo have their crusty headquarters in an industrial squat in Rhode Island – at walking distance from the art school were they first crossed paths – where they improvise/compose noise punk as if it were pop music. Famously playing in front of (rather than on) the stage, Lightning Bolt audiences were wearing professional ear protection long before free ear plugs existed. These guys are often called one of the loudest rock outfits in existence, ahead of the curve since day one and definitely in the category of “your favorite band’s favorite band”.
Lightning Bolt’s seventh full-length album ‘Sonic Citadel’ is the first to be recorded in a studio, revealing the solid structure of their tracks just that little bit more honor but leaving the virtuoso bass, frenzied drums, corrupted vocals and all other ragged edges as rough as 25 year ago. Gibson and Chippendale have become masterful musicians, but their energy is still so full of fluorescent youthful curiosity that both new and long-time fans are in for an intense trip.

dj. flugvel og geimskip (is)

How does one begin to describe dj. flugvél og geimskip? First of all, she’s not really a DJ, despite the name, which translates to DJ Airplane and Spaceship. Steinunn Harðardóttir is a polymath—a singing synth and drum machine wizard with an impressive visual arts repertoire. We speak through the magic of video chat as she relaxes in front of an ocean-themed mural in her artist commune, sipping both coffee and tea. Her cheerful temperament translates easily through the electronic space. 🤖🤖


Lightning Bolt zaps Europe ! All nights with @dj.flugvel_og_geimskip ! https://www.facebook.com/brian.chippendale.13/videos/2540140539407695/“>This special social media instructional dance video has LUC our radical Dutch Tourmaster in place of Mr. Gibson ///
69905435_2937564959590258_5282610509072302080_o NOV 2019
5. Trinitairers, Metz, FR
6. Gebaeude9, Köln DE
7. SKATEPARK! Dunkerque FR
8. Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht,
9. LE Guess Who? No LB. Fox/Chippendale duo
10. Atelier Claus, Brussels, BE
11. Atelier Claus, Brussels, BE
12. The Underworld, London UK
13. The Underworld, London UK
14. Trinity, Bristol, UK
15. BRUDENELL, Leeds, UK
16. Studio Warehouse, Glasgow, UK

!!! plus an afternoon trio with Moor Mother, Jamie Branch and Brian Chippendale at Le Guess Who? on November 8th!



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11 OCCiitober ’19 (Multiversal #aid)

added to this wonderful and bizarre line-up tonight HAIRETIS HARPER + Flowers/Ghosts&Echoes + GIORGIO DURSI (IT) :: DJ SL’OCCii + DJ BENCE (HaperendeMensch, http://archaicinventions.blogspot.com/)
me like:


+ + + +++ ++ ++++ + + Stephen Dedalus is Playing in Berlin at this in a couple of weeks. Day two of an 8 day epic mulitversal. All of it powered by BUSS: BIG UGLY SOUND SYSTEM. (WHY AM I SHOUTING? IF YOU COME BY YOU’LL UNDERSTAND).
#notprettyatall | #fuckshitupinthemoshpit | #nonoiseonadeathplanet | #maybemyarguementwillmakemoresenseifirunitthroughsomeofthesesickeffectspedals


26.10 Multiversal #aid
20h in collaboration with A.I.D
at Loophole Berlin


hard and core


fast, loud and ugly

Kazehito Seki – Voiz, electronics
Pgr Pgr – electronics

Bomi x Uranes x Doyle
Bomi – electronics
Jonatan Uranes – Bass
Stephen Doyle – Drums


O’Donnel x Zorman
Seamus O’Donnell – No-Input mixer, electronics
Brane Zorman – Electronics

Greta Christensen

solo for cello and voice

Multiversal, on its 8th year of activity is happy to present you 8 days of consecutive series of concerts and performances within the spaces that over the years have proved to be be crucial for the sustainability of an independent, politicised and critical underground music and art scene in Berlin.


#goodforbusiness | #extreme music | #diy | #underground | #berlin | #independent | #no headliners

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Because it’s such a beautiful date, in spite of everything we’re going to celebrate life to the max on Green Tribe!



Date & Time:
Thursday, 19 September, 2019 – 14:00 – Infinity

Price: free – all donations for the players!
online: https://www.greentribe.nl/

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Kein Sommer ohne Stüffjebühne-Soli-Fest!

Seit nunmehr 10 Jahren organisiert die Crew vom Qlosterstüffje anläßlich des Venloer Straßenfestes Mitte August eine eigene kleine Bühne auf der an zwei Tage insgesamt 15-16 Künstlerinnen aus den unterschiedlichsten Stilrichtungen und Ländern für wenig Geld auftreten und Spenden für die NGOs Seawatch und Seebrücke gesammelt werden. Und jedes Jahr ist diese Bühne für viele Kölner Musikbegeisterte ein fester Termin im musikalischen Kulturkalender. Seit ein paar Jahren haben sich leider die Bedingungen für die Bühne des Qlosterstüffjes beim Straßenfest seitens der Veranstalter und des Ordnungsamtes immer wieder verschlechtert und auch diese Jahr sind finanzielle wie organisatorische Hürden wieder mal ein bißchen höher geworden.58377258_10215840818871790_6250727044175364096_n

Um diese einzigartige und für die Kölner Musikszene wichtige Veranstaltung zu Unterstützen und damit Spendengelder wirklich Spenden bleiben und nicht zu Verwaltungs- oder Ordnungsgebühren werden haben wir uns entschlossen mit einer handvoll Künstlerinnen die allesamt in den letzten Jahren schon die Ehre hatten auf der Stüffjebühne aufzutreten ein kleines aber feines Soli-Konzert ins Leben zu rufen um den Erhalt der Stüffjebühne zu sichern! Tausend Dank an dieser Stelle an die unglaublich tollen Menschen der Büze Ehrenfeld für Ihre großartige Hilfe und Unterstützung!

Alle Eintrittseinnahmen des Konzertes am 12.7. in der Büze gehen direkt an die Crew der Stüffjebühne! Und sollte die Stüffjebühne dieses Jahr aus irgendeinem Grund nicht stattfinden können werden diese als Spenden unmittelbar an Seawatch und Seebrücke weitergeleitet!



Spread the word!

VVK: 8,00 Euro
Ak: 10,00 Euro
Vorverkaufs-Start: 2.5.19
Vorverkaufsstellen: BÜZE Ehrenfeld, Underdog Recordstore, Lotta


Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld e.V.
Venloer Straße 429, 50825 Keulen

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