for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]




With focus on simplicity in songwriting and sound, the band went on to explore the primitive and raw side of metal, crust and doom.
Marcel – Bass
Mark – Vocals
Thale – Guitar
William – DrumsRecorded by Marc van Duivenvoorde & Black Decades.
Mastered by Jack Shirley.
Design by Thale Roosien.

thanks Jos Houtveen

Released by toztizokzoundz. Vinyl out April 4, 2016

vinyl | €14,- for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [at]

 Pascal Nichols & Rogier Smal – Drums Only


Two sides of solo’s by these amazing drummers strengthening the ties between Manchester and Amsterdam.
Pascal Nichols – drums
Rogier Smal – drumsReleased by toztizokzoundz in collaboration with Chocolat Monk 2016.Artwork by Maia MatchesCS, (ltd 60) | €6,- for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [at]

Ryoko Ono & Rogier Smal – Wood Moon



A groundbreaking collaboration between Japanese multi-instrumentalist Ryoko Ono & Dutch experimental drummer Rogier Smal.
Ono has her own band Ryorchestra and is one half of SaxRuins with Yoshida Tatsuya.Ryoko Ono – saxophone , vocals
Rogier Smal – drums , percussionsReleased by toztizokzoundz in collaboration with jvtlandt. 2016.Artwork by Simon Fowler / Cataract PressCD | €13,- for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [at]

Cathy Heyden, David Birchall &Rogier Smal Trio – s/t


Cathy Heyden, David Birchall and Rogier Smal cassette tape.
10 minutes of guitar saxophones and drums in St.Margarets church during Tubers fest last may. Only 20 copies made. Riso printed artwork.
Released by Toztizok.
20 copies CS | €5,- for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]

Onmacht – s/t


320 copies pressed, comes with 2-sided lyricsheet.Label:
Tadpole Records – tadpole 050, Opiate Records – Opiate 17.0, Toztizok Zoundz – Toz 024, Argh.fuck.kill. – AfK 013, Darcy Trash Records – DTR010Tracklist :
A1 The Long Breath
A2 Infernal Peace
B1 Fatherland
B2 Victorian WinterNotes
Recorded early 2014 by Rob Everything at the Onmacht practice space
Mastered by Daniel at his North London Bomb Factory
Pete Zonked, Jos Houtveen, Sjoerd Toztizok & Darren Tadpole helped tie it all together320 copies 7″ vinyl | €5,- for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]

RaaskalBomFukkerz – Vlucht Witte Raven

Vlucht Witte Raven EP 2014 Toztizok Zoundz

Vlucht Witte Raven EP
2014 Toztizok ZoundzTracklist : copies 10″ vinyl, Limited Edition | €10,- for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]

Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal Duo – Amsterdam/Dortmund


Cathey Heyden: Saxophone
Rogier Smal: Drums
Dortmund Side Recorded By Thomas Hopf
Riso printed artwork by Helena Sanders

300 copies 12″ vinyl, Limited Edition | €15,- for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]

Dylan Carlson & Rogier Smal -“Elephanto Bianco”


Dylan Carlson: Guitar
Rogier Smal: DrumsRecorded By Karl Sveinsson At Queens Ark Studio, Manchester
Artwork by Helena Sanders & Simon FowlerTracklistSide.A
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
Dutch Courage, Swedish Regrets
Milkyway Express
Via Emilia
Green Smoke On The L.Z.
500 copies on yellow vinyl, Limited Edition | €15,-
for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]

Johannes Lund, Maria Bertel, Rogier Smal Trio – s/t



toztizok , yoyooyoy and egetvaerelse collaboration….
johannes lund / maria bertel / rogier smal triooooo on casette,
artwork by johann kauth.




CS, Limited Edition | €4,-

for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]

Lock The Jooklo – Lock the Jooklo



CS-42 handmade wooden box, clear tape, with insert, limited edition of 50 copies” Hey hey hey! Here’s some crazy psychedelic jamz  recorded a while ago in Italy, involving the Jooklos and Amsterdam based free-improv combo The Lock. A hot pot in which are boiling wild saxophones, raw primitive percussions and analog electronic machines such as synthesizers and organ.  The tape is hosted in a carved wooden case hand-crafted by Stephen Doyle, artwork designed by Virginia Genta and silkscreened by Maaike Maiami, which is also co-releasing. What else? “Releasing date: march 2014


A. listen ‘exceprt’: here


CS-42, Limited Edition | €4,- troglozoundz 001

for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]


 ‎FRANKENSTEINS BALLET – Frankensteins Ballet


Frankensteins Ballet silcscreen cover

double LP by FRANKENSTEINS BALLET.Frankensteins Ballet is a contemporary German avant garde prog rock band with Mik Quantius on vocals and Thomas Hopf on the drums. As well as a list of talented musicians all deeply rooted in the west German music scene playing with groups like Embryo and Jelly Planet and jamming alongside iconic musicians such as Damo Suzuki and Michael Karoli.
Fransteins Ballets take the best parts of ethnic music, polka and experimental rock to create a unique world that kind of makes you want to get up and dance.Silcscreened artwork by Helena Sanders and Thale Roosien.


A 1. Halali 2. Pusch 3. Flummi 4. Fallin’

B 1. Fliewatut 2. Warum 3. Tufo 4. Kafich

C 1. Moilnir 2. Mammon Rol 3. Geschwur

D 1. Strannie Drlaka 2. Zorn 3. Glanzpapiermadchen 4. Schweigen


Double LP, Limited Edition | €20,-  toz 2013

for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]


D.R. Carlson Albion/ Rogier Smal ‎– Holly’s Jeans / Een Trommel Is Geen Percussie Instrument



Split single by Dylan Carlson of the Seattle-based band EARTH and Dutch free music drummer Rogier Smal. Each take a side. Carlson plays one beautiful riff throughout the whole A-Side. Smal plays an extensive drumsolo on the B-Side. Both sides are amazing. With artwork by Helena Sanders. Split release only available on September 2013 tour. Edition of 500 housed in wraparound riso print.few copies still for sale here at Clearspot and Shiny Beast music mailorder


A1 D.R. Carlson Albion* – Holly’s Jeans    
B1 Rogier Smal Een Trommel Is Geen Percussie Instrument

7″, Limited Edition, Tour-only | €10,-  toz 011

for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]


yedo gibson / rogier smal | tRANSATLANTIC iNTERNSHIP



3 duo tracks, and a solo track each. saxophones and drums.
comes with hand painted fronts. xeroxed back. in little plastic bag. 100 copies made.CDr | €5,-  toz#009555for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]

DAGORA | – Ride the Snake

dagora live tape

– live – tape – 110 copies in blue, red and purple.with live recordings from: BRESCIA (IT), LAUSANNE (CH), AMSTERDAM (NL), HEERLEN (NL), PARIS (FR), DEN HAAG (NL), LONDON (UK), NIJMEGEN (NL), GLASGOW (SC), BERLIN (DE), MAASTRICHT (NL), MANCHESTER (UK)…with guests:

  • Gabriele Mitelli on trumpet
  • Peter Stront on vocals and effects
  • Yedo Gibson on saxophone
  • Renato Ferreira on saxophone
  • Ti Femme on vocals and keyboards
  • XeXek on gongs and soundbowls
  • Arvind Ganga on guitar
  • Mik Quantius on vocals and keyboards
  • Mikael Szafirowski on guitar

DAGORA :: luc/stephen/roro

CS 90 | €3,33  toz#21052013

for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]


RORO | Freedrum


120 copies of this one sided tape with experimental percussion sounds. recording in the forest, under the shower and more.with stencilled artwork by roro.CS | €4,-  toz#120for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]



100 copies, 22 stencilled coloured pages booklet with music cd.drawings and added cd with 6 tracks by arvind ganga and rogier smal duo (guitar / drums)

  1. raga gavati
  2. improvisation 001
  3. my babe
  4. improvisation 002
  5. magg zelma
  6. improvisation 003

Booklet + CD | €5,-  toz#001002003

for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]



dagora & mik quantius & thomas hopf cd.

Out march 2013.recordings done in drop out studios in south london on their UK tour sept 2012.
3 drummers; Roro, Stephen Doyle and Thomas Hopf, keyboards and vocals by Mik Quantius and a whole pile of homemade musical instruments by Peter Quistgardtracklist

  1. Dawn Of A Moon, Birth Of The Stars
  2. Infinite Time
  3. Ballade De La Camionette Fleur
  4. Cedar
  5. Sometimes It Really Opens Up
  6. Underwater Fire Hazard Pt.I
  7. The Weepy Fall
  8. Underwater Fire Hazard Pt.II

CD | €5,-  toz#130313

for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]


DAGORA | Moment For Mountains

dagora’s first vinyl relaese of outmosphere music…Six tracks recorded by these three dark goats of the rainbow. Plus some additional vocals by Helena Sander & Ernie McCracken, guitar fuzz by Thale and saxophone by Peter van Bergen.WOW COVER : Manuel PaddingDouble LP | €15,-  toz#009for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]


Mik Quantius | Kick A Bit Against The Shit

First Solo album by Mik Quantius, long time member of German legendary band EMBRYO!WOW COVER : Milo & Zeloot // Thomas Hopf recorded Mik at His home in Dortmund.LP | €12,-  toz#008for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]


Maxi Bacon / Peter Quistgard | Mega Buttons / EyE!


Split 10″!
Cover Artwork by: LLCOOLJO (Maxi Bacon side) / JON VAUGHN (Peter Quistgard Side)Tracklist:
A1  Maxi Bacon – Integrity Doomster
A2  Maxi Bacon – Needlefish Hayrick
A3  Maxi Bacon – Feeling Centipede
A4  Maxi Bacon – Watch Your Worm
A5  Maxi Bacon – Skulls Imprecated
A6  Maxi Bacon – Defecates Devalue
A7  Maxi Bacon – World Of Clocks
A8  Maxi Bacon – Wave Radar And Ultrasound All At The Same Time
A9  Maxi Bacon – Tirewoman
A10 Maxi Bacon – Fuck Off Playing With Myself Get Fucked
A11 Maxi Bacon – Jittery Credentials
A12 Maxi Bacon – Undercover Groin
A13 Maxi Bacon – Marshland Miser
A14 Maxi Bacon – Electrolite Idealizer
A15 Maxi Bacon – Oxygen Debt
A16 Maxi Bacon – Sweeet Relief
A17 Maxi Bacon – Overhanging Frosting
A18 Maxi Bacon – Renewable Sandwich
A19 Maxi Bacon – I Can See The Future
A20 Maxi Bacon – Experience My Buttonweed
A21 Maxi Bacon – I Can See My Eyebrows
A22 Maxi Bacon – Lions For Lambs
A23 Maxi Bacon – Rooted Sycosis
B1 Peter Quistgard – PeeQuu – Intro
B2 Peter Quistgard – GitarDUUWhite Vinyl | €5,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]



RaaskalBomFukkerZ | Zeekoe Valuta


New Full length album!! Out now by RaaskalBomFukkerz!!!Samples available at: | €5,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]



Dagora | Winter 2011 tour Cdr
The CDr that was taken on the Dagora + Ti Femme winter 2011 tour. A fat half an hour jam, recorded in one go at a rehearsal space in Amsterdam. Lots of space and bzzzwhouu from the wind, the rain the thunder and the lightning!Amazing artwork by Helena Sanders!!CD-r | €4,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]




.RORO. + PQ (aka Peter Quistgard) = ! ACTION STEREO !

Almost 40 Minutes of Improvised Drums and Synthboxes, Homemade guitars and Piles of Cymbals. Avant-garde Free Jazz for the next decade! Extreme Stereo to mix to your own tasteCD-r | €4,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]









.RORO. | Solo LP
.RORO. Solo LP
Contains 60 minutes of percussion based hypnotic music. Includes collaborations with guest musicians like City Hands, Arnold of Zea/the Ex, Thale andTemor Exposto.A diverse almost schizophrenic musical travels.12″ Vinyl with CD-r | €10,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]


Postuum Willem Breuker | The Message (1971, icp009)
CDr + Boekje ~ Incubate 2010 ~ Special Piracy Edition (handmade 66x) # toz009
CDr + Boekje  ~ Incubate 2010 ~  Special Piracy Edition (handmade 66x)POSTUUM WILLEM BREUKER [1944 – 2010]‘Alles moet anders, te beginnen in de muziekBooklet + CDr | SOLD OUT # toz009




Puh Quh // Holzkopf | Summer Jams
Vennoten in de Schaduw
A limited to 200 pieces split casette tape with two improvised summer jams by the Canadian artist Holzkopf and Puh Quh (= Peter Quistgard making Interplanatairial Dup! with an Atari, vintage dup echo’s and spring reverb! )A : Puh Quh
B : HolzkopfCS | €3,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]




Various | Kaduuk dat glas van kubus
Vennoten in de Schaduw
Tracklist:1. Malorix – Redder des vaderlands
2. RaaskalBOMfukkerZ – Don’t do that
3. Firefly Makani – Ho ‘oilo shift
4. Peter Quistgard – NONO
5. BurROw – Immersed
6. RaaskalBOMfukkerZ – Domela
7. Peter Quistgard – GitarDUU
8. Sudsircsuzej – Mank Paard
contains RaaskalBOMfukkerZ – Primitive Manifesto 7” & Peter Quistgard – Toztizok Zoundz EP’ 7”, + Omar Souleyman – Dabke 2020 (SF049), Old Skool Kaseko, Amen Andrews Vol.3 (Rephlex 140) & some ’90’s Jungle & Old School Classics! ” amongst others
10. Tony Blitzkrieg – De infestering (emo a go-go mix) MP3 | Free dowload
RaaskalBOMfukkerZ | Primitive Manifesto 7”
Vennoten in de Schaduw
Tracklist:a – Primitief Manifest
b – The Lie/The Light7″ Vinyl | €5,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]



Peter Quistgard | Toztizok Zoundz EP 7”
Vennoten in de Schaduw
Tracklist:a – Stellair Speelgoed en de Brommende 707
b – Mix me DJ7″ Vinyl | €5,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]
Various | MKMKapot Moet 28 March 2008
Kaduuk dat glas van Kubus
tracklist:1. Drummer San – Hannah’s Medicinal Tick Collection
2. Realicide – I’d Rather Be Straight Edge
3. Toxic Chicken – Why Don’t You Dance
4. Capslock – WeAreCapslock
5. Captain Ahab – Girls Gone Wild
6. Toecutter – Best Party Ever Banggang 12
7. Bart Hard – Alien Language
8. Company Fuck – Lugworm
9. Peter Quistgard – Mix Me DJ
10. Eustachian – Teleporting Salesman
11. Tony Blitzkrieg – MKMcorrupted Aspirine Theme
12. Roadkill – Topjob
13. MacLaren Peephole – Martinsmack
14. Raaskalbomfukkerz – Mantra Van De Lage Landen
15. Snor – Domino D-Day VS Vogeltjesdans
16. TWZ – NuMieOne
17. Isonosin – It’s My Farty Mix
18. Drummer San – Family Scratch GiftBox + CD-r | Given aWAY at MKM concerts in 2008 SOLD OUT
Raaskalbomfukkerz | Vennoten in de Schaduw
Vennoten in de Schaduw
2. Vennoot in de Schaduw
3. Situatie
4. Tak van Sport
5. Demonen
6. Weerwoord (live)
7. Kinderen van de WoestijnCD | €5,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]
Tony Blitzkrieg | Korstcontrole
1. De Laatste Show
2. De Infestering
3. Verlichte Kant Van De Maan
4. € (Licht Uit)
5. Bij Het G8 StrandfeestCD-r | €4,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]
BugBomberBoy | Quarter Life Crisis
Together with U-Lit Records Toztizok Zoundz releases it’s first vinyl. It’s a 10″inch by Bugbomberboy with the personal title: Quarter Life Crisis and it’s only 5 euro. A mega dance blast monstrosity that will rearrange ya afro!Side A
1. My First Album
2. Demix The Remix
3. Going OutSideSide Side B
1. Track One
2. Live Gig In The BugBomberBedroom
3. Quarter Life Crisis10″ vinyl | 5,- Eurofor orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]
Toztizok Zoundz | Promo
Only in limited edition: the Toztizok Zoundz promo. Containing songs and videos by individual artists and live footage of an experimental night
1. TWZ – I Hate This (Pain!)
2. Raaskalbomfukkerz – Primitieve Rijm
3. BugBomberBoy – Mr. Snottail
4. TWZ – Trooteek
5. Raaskalbomfukkerz – Handzaam
6. BugBomberBoy – Took a Blow
7. TWZ – Joint After Dinner
8. Raaskalbomfukkerz – B-Boy /Billboard
9. BugBomberBoy – Mr. Fox Knows The Cool Games Video:
1. Black Bricks – Opgekropt
2. Black Bricks – Hollekidé
3. Toztizok Zoundz in De Verloren Hond
CD-r | 5,- Euro for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]
Raaskalbomfukkerz | Het zijn die…
Combining the idiotic with the complex, de Raaskalbomfukkerz touch hearts on their first release.1. Het zijn die
2. B-Boy /Billboard
3. Uitgaan
4. Primitieverijm
5. HandzaamCD-r | €5,-for orders, please send an email to: toztizokzoundz [att]