Leiden? Nee, leidserijn, net buiten utrecht!!!


Dagora + Helena Sanders

Dagora perform in the Kersenboomgaard Art Collective Utrecht with Art installation by Helena Sanders.

“Turn Your Back to the Forest and Your Front to Me” is an installation by artist Helena Sanders. Like much of her recent work, Helena’s
installations, paintings and performances draw inspiration from
superstitions and folk science, and the shifting borders between what is considered human or non-human.

With the installation for Dagora, she has created her own ritual space and environment symbiotically with the performers and their music. Like Wicker Man traditions or the home of Baba Yaga, the house & costumes are an extra element to reinforce both the dangers and healing potential of anything (be it music, art, etc) we undertake.

Dagora is a trio from Amsterdam playing free improvised noise. Two drummers and one madman with a suitcase of self made electrical goods. Varying from the quiet bells and echoed vocals of the mountain dreamers to the noisy interference of the satellites in the sky’s, cymbal wash, circuit bent toys, snare drums, leads and sockets, clicks and thuds all co-exist, sometimes fighting, in this our world of sound.

This show will be outside of the kersenboomgaard ateliers in leidserijn, just out of utrecht.
if the weatherspirits need it to rain we might move indoors there.

line up
Helena Sanders: art installation maker / noise maker
Peter Quistgard: drums / homemade synths and fx
Stephen Doyle: drums / fx
Roro : drums / fx
Henry Davies : drums / fx

the Kersenboomgaard Art Collective

Verlengde Utrechtseweg 109, Leidsche Rijn

start: 15:00 uur.

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