◎ The Marshmallow Experiment (mysterious Berlin)

Mikkii und Stephen are on the road again!!!

DIE ZEIT TRIO featuring Mik Quantius (Embryo), Oliver Rivera Drew & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt with special guests Diego Ferri & Kristof Hahn (Swans) will be performing November 27, 2019 Berlin. PM the artists for more info.

The Marshmallow Experiment will have its premiere in Villa K next week, exciting!

Villa K // DinnerKafé & Koncerts

You’re all welcome to join us for an evening with extraordinary vocal performance, DIY cyber-punk post-apocalyptic armors, speculations of the real, and the Marshmallow experiment!

Door 19:00 // Food 19:30 // Concerts 20:30
Food 3,50 + Suggested donation musicians 3-5EUR
Villa K, Violenweg 2 Den Haag

The Marshmallow Experiment

△ Mik Quantius
“The magic that is Mik Quantius”, probably the best description for musician/vocalist from Germany, known for being a member of krautrockband EMBRYO but since a couple of years also performs extraordinary solo sets, playing the space and the moment, improvising with keyboards and his own body as instrument, make sure you don’t miss this.

“ToxiCity”, 2019

ToxiCity is a collective performance and on-going project that collects and maps air toxicity levels in different cities. For this purpose, several speculative bodies, human-trash hybrids in a “DIY cyber-punk post-apocalyptic” armor, wander the city sensing the atmosphere around them and reacting to it by triggering oscillating sounds mediated by DIY electronics and open-source software. Through the projection of a body that enunciates the unseen constant air pollution that surround us on a daily basis, – and thus, making it a common ground for every being in the planet –, there is an attempt to criticize the techno-fixes our petrol fueled societies rely on today to extend our lives in this sick capitalist system by creating a scenario of confusion and noise that reflect the intensity of pollution. ToxiCity reflects on the human condition, on our collective effort and actions to remain alive, in an attempt to question our ways to cope with climate change and natural imbalance.



Xavier Paes is an emergent Portuguese artist working within the indefinite fields of visual arts, sound and performance, being also part of the Porto based artist collective Favela Discos. A devote practitioner of the zenoise buddhist philosophy and the arts of divinatory alternative realities, in a continuous speculation of the real through concepts like acoustic phenomena, repetition, sympathetic frequencies and resonant bodies, having improvisation, gleaning, activism and multi-instrumentalism as the most present tools in his practice, exploring and potentiating different approaches to the ideas of body and space through the use of daily life objects, electronics or whatever he can lay is hands on.




Sunday 24th, Berlin: Joining the Agente Costura backing band “The Thread” with Angela Etcetera and Lisa Simpson
Able Bodies / Adventure Team / Agente Costura & The Thread
Next week Dragons/Doyle Mini tour with Agnė Auželytė and the Econore records heads: Julius Ménard, licht-ung, Jeans Beast, Dragons/Doyle

Friday 29th, Den Haag: Myriads 27: Dragons+Doyle, Julius Ménard, Jeans Beast, Licht-Ung
Saturday 30th, Castricum: Experimental: Toztizok
Sunday 1st, Krefeld: Drone on a Sunday

Then back to Berlin, where me and Agne are presenting a new dance piece at Lake Studios Berlin where we have been working for the past month.
Friday 6th & Saturday 7th: Double Bill: Grace Euna Kim & Agnė Auželytė x Stephen Doyle


Double Bill: Grace Euna Kim & Agnė Auželytė x Stephen Doyle

Our Double Bill features two selected artists currently in residency to create new dance performance pieces. They will share their work on two nights at LAKE Studios.

December 6th & 7th, 2019 @ 20:00

Tickets: €14,-
Reservations: lakestudiosberlin@gmail.com

Supported by Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


AGNĖ AUŽELYTĖ & Stephen Doyle

Lake Studios Berlin
Scharnweberstrasse 27, 12587 Berlijn


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