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Going to BRX this weekend to see my favorite band live @ the most humble Les Ateliers Claus❣️ Also asked to bring my favorite records to play before and after Lightning Bolt + Flugvel og geimskip // SOLD OUT …


Lightning Bolt (usa) + dj. flugvel og geimskip (is)
Rue Crickx

Al 25 jaar maken bassist Brian Gibson en vocalist-drummer Brian Chippendale artistiek verantwoord lawaai onder de naam Lightning Bolt. Het duo leerde elkaar kennen op de kunstschool van Rhode Island en op een steenworp daarvandaan hebben ze nog steeds hun crusty hoofdkwartier in een industrieel kraakpand waar ze noise punk improviseren/componeren alsof het de betere popsongs zijn. Hun handelsmerk was jarenlang om niet op het podium te spelen maar op de grond, midden tussen een publiek dat al oorbeschermers droeg lang voordat er gratis oordopjes bestonden — Lightning Bolt is loeihard, ahead of the curve since day one en scoort hoog in de categorie “your favourite band’s favourite band”. Hun zevende langspeler ‘Sonic Citadel’ is het eerste dat in een studio is opgenomen, wat de oerdegelijke structuur van hun tracks net dat ietsje meer eer aandoet maar de virtuose bas, onhoudbare drums, distorted vocals en alle andere rafelige improvisatiekantjes even ruig laat als 25 jaar geleden. Gibson en Chippendale zijn ondertussen meesterlijke muzikanten geworden maar hun energie is nog steeds zo vol fluo-jeugdige nieuwsgierigheid dat zowel nieuwe als minder nieuwe fans (weer) toe zijn aan een intense trip.

For 25 years already Brian Gibson (bass) and Brian Chippendale (drums, vocals) have been making artistically approved musical violence under the name Lightning Bolt. The duo have their crusty headquarters in an industrial squat in Rhode Island – at walking distance from the art school were they first crossed paths – where they improvise/compose noise punk as if it were pop music. Famously playing in front of (rather than on) the stage, Lightning Bolt audiences were wearing professional ear protection long before free ear plugs existed. These guys are often called one of the loudest rock outfits in existence, ahead of the curve since day one and definitely in the category of “your favorite band’s favorite band”.
Lightning Bolt’s seventh full-length album ‘Sonic Citadel’ is the first to be recorded in a studio, revealing the solid structure of their tracks just that little bit more honor but leaving the virtuoso bass, frenzied drums, corrupted vocals and all other ragged edges as rough as 25 year ago. Gibson and Chippendale have become masterful musicians, but their energy is still so full of fluorescent youthful curiosity that both new and long-time fans are in for an intense trip.

dj. flugvel og geimskip (is)

How does one begin to describe dj. flugvél og geimskip? First of all, she’s not really a DJ, despite the name, which translates to DJ Airplane and Spaceship. Steinunn Harðardóttir is a polymath—a singing synth and drum machine wizard with an impressive visual arts repertoire. We speak through the magic of video chat as she relaxes in front of an ocean-themed mural in her artist commune, sipping both coffee and tea. Her cheerful temperament translates easily through the electronic space. 🤖🤖

Lightning Bolt zaps Europe ! All nights with @dj.flugvel_og_geimskip !“>This special social media instructional dance video has LUC our radical Dutch Tourmaster in place of Mr. Gibson ///
69905435_2937564959590258_5282610509072302080_o NOV 2019
5. Trinitairers, Metz, FR
6. Gebaeude9, Köln DE
7. SKATEPARK! Dunkerque FR
8. Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht,
9. LE Guess Who? No LB. Fox/Chippendale duo
10. Atelier Claus, Brussels, BE
11. Atelier Claus, Brussels, BE
12. The Underworld, London UK
13. The Underworld, London UK
14. Trinity, Bristol, UK
15. BRUDENELL, Leeds, UK
16. Studio Warehouse, Glasgow, UK

!!! plus an afternoon trio with Moor Mother, Jamie Branch and Brian Chippendale at Le Guess Who? on November 8th!

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