It’s taken a small village to get this one together: Dragons/Doyle

by Dragons/Doyle

Finally finished the new tape for the Dragons/Doyle tour. Released on Toztizok Zoundz.

The week after next I (Stephen Dedalus) go to Berlin to play some shows and then move on to Poland, Lithuania and Latvia
Give us a shout if you’re around any of these places so wees can have the hangs.

4th June Multiversal #93 at Loophole with Lisa Simpson

9th June The Sunday Matinee #41 at Internet Explorer with DAS Cymbal Orchestra with Angela Etcetera, Lisa Simpson, Dave Grolsch and more guests.

!5th/16th Nah Dran extented with Agnė Auželytė…/alle-veranstaltung…/event/2409…

Dragons/Doyle Polish/Baltic Tour with Agnė Auželytė
17th Poznan, Kołorking Muzyczny.
18th Wrocław, Macondo Fundacja.
19th Lodz, Muzeum Książki Artystycznej (Book Art Museum).
25th Vilnius, Kirtimu Kulturos Centras.
26th Riga, Aleponija.
27th Kuliai, Kulių kultūros centras.
28th Plungė, Plunges kultūros centras.
29th Kaunas, Kauno Menininku Namai.
30th Vilnius, Studium P.
1st Warsaw, 4PoKOJE.
5th-7th Ponderosa Tanzland Festival, International Art space.
See full details:
See full Ponderosa program:

If you’re eager to be able to soak up as much of the Ponderosa Tanzland Festival as possible, this is for you. Combine all events, open classes, workshops, performances, and other manifestations throughout the whole of the festival. Maximum absorption!

Recorded in a wooden box in the bowels of an industrial building in Neuköln, Berlin on Sunday the 27th of January 2019.
There was no snow outside just a grey day. Anxiety as a party builds on the other side of the wall. The cocoon of sonic wrapping making a tender space in the mists of the tension.





It’s taken a small village to get this one together:
Recorded by Tom O’ Doherty
Mixed and Mastered by PQ
Cover Art by Laura Mcauliffe
Screen printed by Maaike
Inlay by Maia Matches

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