MiMa (WorM)

September MiMa,
welcoming the autumn but with summer still burning on our buns.
We have two amazing acts lined up for you:
Jooklo Duo & Riccardo Sinigaglia (IT)
doing electro acoustic research that resonates echoes of ancient rituals.
Duke S. (020)
with his quirky mix of synthetic exotica, sun ra-esque electro jazz and ambient with faux field recordings.
September 5th
upstairs at
Boomgaardsstr. 71
Doors 20:00 / Start 20:30
!! FREE show !!
More info below,
but first there is another announcement to make:
our new friend in town Herman
is setting up some nice shows as well,
September 8th During the opening of Theater Rotterdam at the Schouwburg, in the artist foyer,
you can come and listen to sounds of Red Brut, Eklin and enjoy the Geuze and Spookjesbar.
September 19th Theater Rotterdam at the Schouwburg, Kleine Zaal,
with performances of WIDT (pl), Das Ding (nl) and SONNDR (nl). fb
October 10th– Theater Rotterdam at the Schouwburg, Kleine Zaal,
with performances of Kraus (nz), Zoontoon (nl) and more tba.
The promised info:
Jooklo Duo & Riccardo Sinigaglia (IT)
The duo Jooklo (Virginia Genta and David Vanzan) and Riccardo Sinigaglia (founder of the legendary Futuro Antico and Correnti Magnetiche) met in November 2015 in Milan, at a studio session organised by Black Sweat Records. The collaboration that grew out of this meeting is an ever-evolving electro-acoustic research which (according to the participants) invokes “ancient rituals, deeply rooted in improvisation and abstract structures aiming to a complete fusion of several sound sources.” Sinigaglia and Jooklo utilise Farfisa organ, synthesizers, reeds, and percussion to create harmonious but often challenging results. Expect “old and new dreams of Italy’s finest psychedelia and “new shapes (in) the realm of mystic music.”
Duke S. (NL)
Duke S. is the project of Étienne Baudet. Baudet’s sound is a quirky mix of synthetic exotica, Sun Ra-esque electro jazz and ambient, laced with “faux field recordings”[sic]. The feeling is both futuristic and outdated, evoking ancient Egypt as well as adventures in outer space. At times the sound has something of Finnish composer Pekka Airaksinen. Live shows are accompanied by 8-bit visuals and of course cactuses.
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