Sexy Violence Holigans

18952590_452360151767114_5269385139642295490_ntape 3i finally got some of these tapes in the post.
birchall/smal/webster trio on astral spirits recorded in london.
wild music 100% approved by the amsterdam ajax hooligans. 5 euro, hollah if you want one. 18892891_1566067450102139_2919053537068007625_n

Svartvit (VIOLENCE)
Circus Rex (SEX)
Fetter (SEX)
Dagora Ft. The Medium Necks & Asuna (VIOLENCE)
DJ Danny (SEX)
DJ Anansi The Spider (MONO BROS) (VIOLENCE)
OCCII will sell sexy records and their SLOCCII beer By Butcher’s Tears.
the тide øf тhe εnd Will sell violent cassette tapes.

Damage: €7,50

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