SOTU Mix Tape #666 [We Don’t Need This] (Fascist Groove Thang!)

First SOTU Mix Tape this year is by Dj Sl’occii, international love vibaration, recorded eXtra crusty at Radio Patapoe. More Dj Sl’occii, come to the Occii, on 12 April at the first festival night, Enjoy!

SOTU Festival 2017

Tracklist SOTU#666 – Radio Patapoe – 1 Maart 2017

#. Band – Titel (Record Labels)

1. Common Eider, King Eider – When We Sewed Skins (Root Strata)
2. Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal Duo – Amsterdam (Toztizok Zoundz)
3. Les Filles De Illighadad – Excerpt from RPM Studio Live Recording Session Nov. 2016

4. Heaven 17 ‎– [We Don’t Need This] Fascist Groove Thang (Virgin)
5. Kraus – Grip The Moon (Not On Label)

6. Sam Shalabi – Mr Koko (Unrock Saraswati Series, 7″)
7. Alvarius B – Excerpt Side 1 (Nashazphone)
8. Harry Pussy – Nazi USA (First Half) (Blackjack Records)
8,5.Harry Pussy – Nazi USA (Second Half) (Blackjack Records)
9. Zoo – Manusia Baru (Yes No Wave Music)
10. DAiKiRi – Fofaid (Les Disques De La Face Cachée, red wig, Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?, Hola Halo DIY, Noise Assault Agency Budweiss, Whosbrain Records, Ascenseur Emotionnel)

11. Jeich Ould Badu & Ahmedou Ahmed Lewla – El Jedida (Sahel Sounds)
12. Ballister (Dave Rempis: Alto & Tenor Saxophone, Fred Lonberg-Holm: Cello & Electronics, Paal Nilssen-Love: Drums & Percussion) – Low Level Stink (Dropa Disc#005)
13. Unknown – M.R.C label from Tehran, Iran
14. Kostas Bezos And The White Birds – The White Birds In The Mountains (Olvido Records, Mississippi Records)
15. Das Boomerang – Suzanne (The Wonderful World Of Glass – Volume Two, Glass Records)
16. Fckn’Bstrds – Ik Kan Blijven Kijken Naar Jou (Not On Label)
17. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig ‎– Alles Moet Kapot (Roadrunner)
18. Instant Composer Pool – My Baby Has Gone To The Schouwburg (Not On Label, Flexi-disc, 5″) Written-By – Willem Breuker

double trouble Double Trouble < > MiMa 61: Sotu + Worm

A double event with music, sounds and film.

WORM hosting:

Daniel Bachman (US)
Daniel Bachman is a 6 string and lap steel guitar player from Virginia. Bachman grew up steeped in the traditional music of the Commonwealth, drawing from and expanding on it in his own fingerstyle guitar albums, including Orange County Serenade (Bathetic, 2014), and 2015’s LP, River (Three Lobed, 2015). There are similarities to John Fahey or Jack Rose but Bachman continues to push the boundaries of solo acoustic guitar in his own inimitable manner.

Dan Geesin (NL)
Dan Geesin is a fine artist, filmmaker and musician. His approach to his work has been described as “humanistic, humorous and sarcastic”, and has worked wherever his muse has taken him. During during the last two decades he has made over twenty short films and released six albums of music.

MiMa: SOTU Festival; a preview

Ganga/Smal/Kokke – trio
A special pairing of some of the most exciting names in contemporary experimental music in the Netherlands.

Borbetomagus: A Pollock Of Sound


Ganga/Smal/Kokke – trio
This trio is a special pairing of some of the most exciting names in contemporary experimental music in the Netherlands. Otto Kokke is primarily known as one half of free grind-jazz duo Dead Neanderthals. Rogier Smal is a drummer and key figure in (inter)national circles having played with Marshall Allen, Dylan Carlson, Colin Webster, Mik Quantius, Cathy Heyden and so many others: Arvind Ganga for instance, a free improvising guitar player from Den Haag. Expect an improvised set with a punked up attitude from this trio.

Borbetomagus: A Pollock Of Sound

Filmmaker Jef Mertens brings a raw, urgent, and unpolished vision focusing on a band that has spent almost four decades defining and redefining not just their music, but the boundaries of music itself. Band members Don Dietrich, Donald Miller, and Jim Sauter tell their story with the help of artists, writers, photographers, and filmmakers that include noted critic Byron Coley, drummer Chris Corsano, guitarist Thurston Moore, groundbreaking Japanese noise unit Hijokaidan

This event takes place in WORM Central Station, part of WORM Rotterdam’s Avantgarde State.
Entrance: Boomgaardsstraat 71

For more information about the Avantgardistic State please visit


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