Taking Position (sharp)

Ephémère March 2017 – Taking Position #2
Program: Jaap Blonk /// Nora Mulder & Rogier Smal /// Darien Brito
~ more info soon ~

Doors open at 20:00; concert starts at 20:30 (sharp)
Entry is 3€

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 2518 RA The Hague


Jaap Blonk Will perform this: http://www.jaapblonk.com/Pages/vibrantislands.html

“Vibrant Islands” is a cycle of 9 pieces for acoustic vocal performance, made in 2015.

Each movements consists of a number of “islands” containing phonetic signs, many of which were invented by myself.
For many years I have been working on my personal extension of the International Phonetic Alphabet: BLIPAX (BLonks IPA eXtended).
In the performance the islands can be visited in any order, and repeatedly as well. In every score of the cycle the coastal lines have a different form,
for instance angular, crenelated, straight or rounded, according to the prevalent sound character of the movement.

For a performance of this work an intimate room with good acoustics works best. A complete performance of “Vibrant Islands” can last between 36 and 63 minutes.


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