Take a gentri-vacation! (ADM Freehaven)

ADM 19 Years. Take a gentri-vacation on the ADM reservation.

After a hiatus RaaskalBOMfukkerZ are playing at ADM Festival tonight! p1
Playing a few new songs as well…

6, 7, 8, Oktober is a uniek chance to take a look inside the ADM. This squatted community celebrates it’s 19th birthday with a multi-disciplinary-all-flavoured music program, dancing, safari and porcelain, circus and puppets and much more.
In a city where thinking within existing frameworks, economic interests and clean sidewalks dominate the public domain the ADM is a alternative community based on solidarity, selforganisation, respect, and improvisation. A place were Anti-conformists walk freely and Dreams still fly around and lay eggs. The ADM is pressure now but still it presents a huge program of international acts. Not to be missed! Here’s a small example, Def P en Co (nederhop pioniers), Ryan Harvey (riot folk usa), Alice in Wasteland (uk) , Cirk Biz’Art (circus fr), De Beatzers (amsterdamse piraten ska-folk ),Twisted Fairground (uk), Hosana Soundsystem (uk), Goeiemiddag (ska), Molino (surrealistische fanfare), Zazi (comedietheater, adm), Tranquill (iceland), No/sa sounds, Carlos de Nicaraqua (salsa feest Nic), Eddie Egal (pyromancer uit Berlijn), De Stokers (amsterdamse polka punk), Merlin Puppet Theatre (fr), Deadwood (fr), MetalKombo (firefish installation), Consious Youth (uk), Spanner (uk), Robodock-Romney , Clit Club en Electric Acoustic Woodstage.

ADM XIX BirthdayFestival PROMO from Suwanne CCtv on Vimeo.

Grab the chance and get on the urban safari ride on the ADM reservation. A de-gentrified exotic adventure on the oasis in the Amsterdam west habours.
For more information: www.admfestival.nl

Free jazz / Avant-Garde | space rock, kosmische music, motorik kraut | Experiment
THURSDAY, OCT 27, 2016
Doors open: 20:30 €8
Amstelveenseweg 134
Amsterdam XXX
20:30 / 8 euro

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