Mountain village Mambo, Tanzania (Fundraiser//Tour)

gza In Januari 2016, I am going to do a very special tour with Nora Mulder.
We will go all the way to Tanzania. to play duo shows there. And also to tour with a children circus from mountain village Mambo. We have already shipped out our backline (piano’s and drumkits) alongside a HUGE pile of other musical instruments thanks to very generous donations. ALL instruments will be donated to the local population.
To raise funds we have organised some benefits, and we have also curated a night at the LeGuessWho festival in Utrecht on Nov 21st. All proceeds will go to this project. Big thanks to all musicians to come and play and donate their time and amazing talent to this night.
These are our friends who will come and play, Please check the festival website for exact times etc.

– Nora Mulder/Marie Oliver/Cathey Heyden/David Birchall/Rogier Smal Quintet
– Miriam Overlach
– Sleep Gunner
– Frankie Vis
– Arvind Ganga
– Han Buhrs & Nora Mulder
– Dylan Carlson (EARTH)
– Jasper Stadhouders Poly Band.

In 2009, two Dutch people and a Tanzanian bought the top of a mountain deep down in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. There, they started different projects with the local community, in the field of farming, education, arts, and health care. Together with Gijs Smoeff, gear supplier of Le Guess Who?, the idea for the very first Tanzanian circus for children was born.
In 2012, they started to train artists who were eager to get involved. Almost 3 years later, they have done at least 50 performances, and found new teachers, parents, and more kids who joined. Parents were enthusiastic, and asked to also teach the kids English.
At this moment, a container full of musical gear is sailing towards Tanzania. On January 1st, two Dutch musicians, Rogier Smal and Nora Mulder, will go there and start working together with the kids of Mambo, to make music. This should result into a child orchestra that might go out and tour together with the circus throughout the whole Usambara.
The shipping and importing of the container will cost about 7.500 euro. Smoeff and the musicians have gathered about 2.500 euro so far, the remainder is still being collected as we speak. As Le Guess Who? is very proud of the work Smoeff and the others, we’re hosting this fundraiser, which includes performances by Mulder, Heyden, Oliver, Smal and Birchall Quintet; a solo harp performance by Miriam Overlach; Amsterdam duo Sleep Gunner; mad vocalist Frankie Vis; ethereal noise with punk-improv attitude by Arvind Ganga; Han Buhrs & Nora Mulder; a solo guitar performance by Dylan Carlson (Earth); and Jasper Stadhouders‘ (an active member of the international improvised music circuit) Poly Band; an ever-changing group of amazing musicians. This Poly will be: Leo Svirsky: accordion, Jeroen Kimman: guitar, Jasper Stadhouders: guitar, Philipp Moser: drums, Onno Govaert: drums.
For more info, please see this site:


Le Guess Who? Festival 2015
Moira Utrecht
Moira Is an independant exhibition space serving as a platform for beginning artists located in Utrecht, Holland.
Wolvenstraat 10, 3512 CH Utrecht

All info, full line-up & tickets / hotel packages available at See you next month!

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