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SOME news from the LIVE side of ZOUNDS TOZTIZOK:

De komende twee dagen vindt In The Outside Art Tour plaats, zoals je leest ‘Nederlands 1e Outsider Art Festival’. Hiervoor heb ik het muziek-, performance- en stripprogramma samengesteld. Verwacht onder andere Harry Merry, Inox Kapell, Mik Quantius, Simon Mulder, the Plastic Fantastic Timemachine en Marc van der Holst. Ik zou zeggen; Komt dat zien!
Raaskalbomfukkerz will play on this festival at 21hrs on friday. Come over.

Dear all,
don’t forget to join us upcoming Sunday September 13th for the – OCCII vs Haperende Mens – festival – @ OT301, Amsterdam
For this years experimental limited edition we have dived with our special friends from Occii into the world of the upcoming talents and musical risk takers
>>> Facebook event
Amongst others we are presenting:
• Composer/producer Tom Smiths (of Pussy Galore) experimental super-group ‘To Live and Shave in L.A.’ will be joining with outstanding members:
– Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra, Balazs Pandi the Hungarian drummer who recently participated in releases with Merzbow and Thurston Moore, also joining Australia’s extreme noise talents Lucas Abela and Graham Moore.

• Not to be missed this years exclusive participants:
‘Black to Comm’ with their Dark Drone Electronics and the Danish talent ‘Puce Mary’ with her powerful electronics.
( )
• We are able to present new upcoming Australian bands, like F fingers,
(…/albums/20909-hide-before-dinner/ ).
• Our Belgian neighbours, the improvisational act Yader (Jooklo Duo, Bear Bones, Lay Low)
and of course strong local Dutch talent will also be joining the line-up.
>>> for the complete line up and more detailed information:
>>> if you want to be sure of a ticket go to:
>>> spotify festival playlist:
Hope to see you there!
OT301- 19:00 tot 1:00 – Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
HM130915 OCCIIvsHM blokkenschema 2015 09 13







27-09-2015 Pop-Rock presents : Another Fine Sunday Matinee! – -> POPERINGE!
politicians make a mess, giving people lots of stress
in bloody bloody Belgium!

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