##&^%@!$# INTERNET… (troglozoundz)

gekkenwerk, websjite, shit…

kom ‘t zien…

The Lock will have a few of the new tapes with Jooklo Duo ; Lock The Jooklo !
LOCK THE JOOKLO “S/T” CS-42 handmade wooden box, clear tape, with insert, limited edition of 50 copies
” Hey hey hey! Here’s some crazy psychedelic jamz recorded a while ago in Italy, involving the Jooklos and Amsterdam based free-improv combo The Lock. A hot pot in which are boiling wild saxophones, raw primitive percussions and analog electronic machines such as synthesizers and organ. The tape is hosted in a carved wooden case hand-crafted by Stephen Doyle, artwork designed by Virginia Genta and silkscreened by Toztizok, which is also co-releasing. What else? ”

Releasing date: march 2014
…few copies left!

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