Psychedelic Krautrock (Can/Embryo/Mikrokosmos/SloowTapes…)

We are working hard to get this next Toztizok Zoundz release into the world. A really nice double LP by FRANKENSTEINS BALLET.
Frankensteins Ballet is a contemporary German avant garde prog rock band with Mik Quantius on vocals and Thomas Hopf on the drums. As well as a list of talented musicians all deeply rooted in the west German music scene playing with groups like Embryo and Jelly Planet and jamming alongside iconic musicians such as Damo Suzuki and Michael Karoli.
Fransteins Ballets take the best parts of ethnic music, polka and experimental rock to create a unique world that kind of makes you want to get up and dance.

Silcscreened artwork by Helena Sanders and Thale Roosien.

Frankensteins Ballet silcscreen cover Frankensteins Ballet silcscreen cover II

Expected release in December 2013.

Till taht time we can listen to this Tape, release by our favourite Cassette label SLOOW TAPES  or listen to some tracks here : Majjem 13-11-2013 online!

Hour 1:
Hour 2:

Hour 1:
Frankensteins Ballet – Untitled
Tape: Barca Beach [Sloow Tapes No#]
Frankensteins Ballet – Untitled
Tape: Barca Beach [Sloow Tapes No#]

Frankensteins Ballet

Frankensteins Ballet
Barca Beach
Sloow Tapes – CS 60

Live recordings from Barcelona, summer 2009. Frankensteins Ballet features Mik Quantius (Embryo) speaking-in-tongues and Thomas Hopf on drums. Other members have played with Damo Suzuki, Michael Karoli, Michael Rother etc. Some serious damaged krautrock jams happening on this one, not to mention the weird dub space some of this is floating into. Edition of 70 copies.

Live recordings from Barcelona, summer 2009 from this weirdo cult/kraut group featuring Mik Quantius (Embryo/NNCK et al) and Thomas Hopf on drums. Quantius sings in channeled automatic tongues w/spontaneous glossolalia while the band play massively dubbed-out Inner Space-style cultic ritual, with bombloads of bass boo and a weirdo real people/German basement vibe. Think Dom, Archaia et al. Edition of only 70 copies. (Volcanic Tongue)

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Frankensteins Ballet are active since 2003, starting with weekly gigs in Synchron, Dortmund (DE)

THOMAS HOPF: drums, percussion
(Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Damo Suzuki (Can), Michael Karoli (Can), Mikrokosmos, Cologne Music Connection and more)

(Mikrokosmos, Stahlband, Embryo a.m.)

(Jelly Planet, Damo Suzuki (Can), Michael Karoli (Can), Michael Rother (Neu!) a.m.)

SASCHA JAKOWLEW: synthesizer, flute


(Mikrokosmos, Nefes in Motion, Stahlband, Embryo a.m.)

(occasional) guest artists:
MAKSIM DIAGILEV (Belarussia): saxophones
HASAN GÖRGÜN (Turkey): darbuka


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