Anamorphic Anamorphosis (Plantage Doklaan)

some crazy upcoming stuff and our lone ranger Stephen Dedalus is part of it, just as some other good friends, as The Amazing Arvind Ganga check it out : : : : : :  : : : : : : :

Anamorphic Anamorphosis PART I
An improvised music festival. 1236299_665503250127786_1407925625_n
An afternoon of live music, sound and performance.

With meta-present DJ, drummers, dreamers, guitars and beats.
An open stage for collaborations or solos.
PART I starts on Saturday 21st Sep @ 13h until 18h
The schedule will be arranged throughout the day.



The Dokhuis Gallery Presents an evening of Improvised noise and crazy sounds featuring:

The Mud, The Blood and The Beer… ((Cae on electronics, Stephen on drums and Arvind Ganga on guitar) ). This band of ravaged highwaymen having recently found each other at a lonely cross roads have decided to accompany each other further down their musical road. Known individually for their love of drink and good shoes these improvisers further the possibilities of what is “music”.

Anne Le Berge/Renato Ferreira/Frankie Vis (Flute/effects/double bass/mad vocals) this trio having come together to support Marshall Allen earlier this year in the Occii finally return to the stage. Individually known for their collaborations and performances of experimental music together they make a racket worth checking out. 1239048_10151718528898893_1798820247_n

Dj Gingermoon, from psychedelic to techno Gingermoon has records to surprise and delight.

Tasty vegan food at 19.00 (€7)

Bands start at 21.00 (€0)

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