Party This Tuesday @ Cafe Belgique

Hello one and all.

There is a small and seasonally festive party taking place on Tuesday evening 18 Dec. at Cafe Belgique…. you are most welcome to join!

Special guest is Sjoerd ‘☃’ Stolk, the musical mastermind at OCCII. He’s got great great taste in records, and he knows how to play them. Mr Stolk also has thirst for well brewed beers – he’s going to fit right in.

As it’s that time of year, we might even lay on some NUTS & CRACKERS (i know, i know – always taking it next level!) …. arrive early to avoid disappointment! 🙂

❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆❄❆21:00 – 01:00
Cafe Belgique
(Gravenstraat 2, Amsterdam 1012)


Hope To See You! If not, then here’s to a nice holiday and catch up with you in 2013!

Mark aka Mort E Vicar & DatNapoKu

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