Live Concert: Junzo Suzuki (Jap) + Fuji (be) + Mik Quantius (De) | OHRWURM TOUR 2018

We are on tour. Come & see Us


fuji tour 2018

‪6 november – Herman – Rotterdam‬

‪7 november – OCCII – Amsterdam‬

‪8 November – Barlok – Brussel‬

‪9 November – Babylon – Westmalle‬

‪10 November – Hotsjumenas De Audio Plant – Antwerpen‬ MrxM

‪11 November – In de ruimte – Gent‬

‪12 november – Audio Plant – recording – Antwerpen‬

As a first act it’s “Junzo Suzuki” from Japan Tokyo (1973)
Recent years, Japanese psychedelic troubadour Suzuki Junzo focused and stripped down with A 21st century drone/space electric-blues sound.. Crystalline guitar passages soaked in reverb and distorted sadness.

After it’s FUJI a total improv band w/ Junzo Suzuki together w/ ‘Mik Quantius’
The German vocal artist Mik Quantius can, after being continuously abducted by aliens, only produce sounds from outer space. Originally Mik Quantius was involved in the metal scene of Koln, but in recent years he joined several avant-garde projects. For instance: he is a member of the legendary German Krautrockband EMBRYO and he took part in ‘Way of the Cross’, an improvisational project of Dave Nuss of the NO NECK BLUES BAND, with musicians like Kuupuu, The Skaters, Stellar Om Source and Kemialliset Yvsatat. Mik Quantius has an enormous vocal range and his diction is occasionally comparable to CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, but a little weirder. Reoccuring are the absurd sounds that fly out of his throat, often touching the treshold of pain. He is a scat maestro, who rather uses his body as an instrument than to sing. The thrilling sounds you will hear during performances of Mik Quantius will remain in your memory for a long time.

Bart Sloow: gitaar (‪http://sloowtapes.blogspot.com‬)
Warre Fungus: Drums (‪http://confuss.blogspot.com‬)
Louis Freres: bas (‪https://loeilkollectif.com‬)
Special guest: Mik Quantius: Vocals


Fuji + Junzo Suzuki:




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Stray Sounds @ Mono Amsterdam

!!!!!!! In A weeK !!!!!!!
Beautiful and mysterious Stray Sounds 🔮✨

21:30  DJ SL’OCCII

Rebet GuitarS (Charis Konstantinou & Jaap Faber) will cover the music of the legendary Kostis.
”The most enigmatic of all Greek rebetika artists. These tracks of truly unique guitar duets and black-humor lyrics chronicling the hash dens, prison culture and pickpockets of old Athens. Recorded in 1930-31 under a pseudonym for export to the Greeks living in America, research has uncovered the musician, journalist and cartoonist Kostas Bezos as the figure lurking behind the Kostis name, with ties to the famous singer Tetos Demetriades. Renowned for his slide guitar playing in Hawaiian-style orchestras throughout the 1930s, the Kostis recordings reveal an entirely different underworld of the macabre and illicit. The use of guitar in these now-classic rebetika songs display a virtuosity of finger-picked Near-Eastern modes and unusual tunings at the dawn of rebetika, when the bouzouki was yet to become supreme.”


MONO (kroeg – café)

Highlights info row image Bilderdijkstraat 15
1053LA Amsterdam


Adobe Photoshop PDF


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spontaneous amsterdam ensemble not silent #1


not silent #2 live concert: dirar kalash and liz albee




As we are witnessing the recent escalation against the Palestinian people in Gaza, Jerusalem, Hebron, Haifa, and basically everywhere in Palestine, we are calling for a series of concerts and events to take place wherever and whenever possible, under the title of “NOT SILENT”. By whenever and and wherever possible we stress that this is not simply a one-time event, but rather a call to organize continuously and simultaneously, just as the oppression of Palestinian people is a continuous process that should not be viewed as a one-time or occasional massacre. It is about the struggle of millions of living Palestinians around the world who are denied their basic rights, from returning to their own land to the access to clean drinking water and electricity.

We aim to form a global community of concerned artists and organizers who are able and willing to take a stand and hold these events as a means for action that challenges the current cultural discourses and methods, as well as the notions of ‘solidarity’ itself. Palestinians do not ‘need’ a stand to help them get along with their fate, but rather we should be responsible for making a real change, not simply from the position of being ‘informed’ on the issue, but from an active position that challenges our media and cultural discourses in which Palestinians are – at best – only being viewed as victims of acts of “misconduct” by the Zionist occupation, and where our knowledge and perception of the Palestinian issue becomes subject to “counting victims” and getting angry or frustrated from one massacre to the next. We know this is going to happen, but we do not want to think of Palestine only when this happens, thus we need to speak out and take a much more solid stand, not only for the victims, but for the living as well.

The first event in this series is going to take place in Amsterdam at OCCII, followed by another one in Berlin at The Workshop. Upcoming events are currently being planned and organized and will be announced in time. This call is a method to create a network of organizers, artists and cultural workers, and should not be viewed simply as global event in “reaction” to what is happening in Palestine. Artists and other individuals who wish to take action and join the network should contact Compass Collective:


Spontaneous Amsterdam Ensemble

Sarah Claman – violin
Miriam Den Boer Salmón – violin
Sara Hamadeh – violin
Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone
Jonathan Nagel – double bass
Renato Ferreira – double bass
Marcos Baggiani – drums

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SOTU Festival 2018 – II V II (Tien muziekmomenten)

SOTU Festival is returning in 2018 in the week of April 10th-15th, going deeper into the underground!

Video by: pavel mikhaylov

SOTU Festival 2018, returns this April, and we are very proud to reveal the first line up announcement, taking place around the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, with a very special opening concert on Wednesday 11th June in Occii, featuring Erik Ruin performing his project Long/Gone, an ongoing papercutting and carving mythic landscapes with a live soundtrack by Dead Neanthertals. SOTU will release and present a tape compilation and zine for the festival, with this years theme Mastrubation!

Line up so far:- Occii & Vondelbunker & Butcher’s Tears
VMO Violent Magic Orchestra / Vampillia official / Appophalation / PGR / VENTA PROTESIX / Black Sand / Lourdes / Hoempa Trash / I.R.K. / Heipalen (Geluidsdrug) / Arma Agartha / Urban Grey / L’atlier D’eveil Musical Du Centre Social Raymond Poulidor / Erik Ruin + Dead Neanderthals / Manica / V V R N G D N G / Heidi Hoersturtz / Görkem Arıkan / BSE / Chris Meighan / Tape Jockey / DEL_F64.0 / Dj Gingermoon / Cyclikweetos / Lova Taraxx / Logosamphia / DolKaMar / KINDER MECCANO / Innassaah / Dj Papelón Kifesh / Misha Feigin & Lukas Simonis / Dirar Kalash / Arvind Ganga & Leo Svirsky / Diarrhael Blast / godverdegodver / Crack Johan / Giek_1 / CaptainSpank / Venderstrooik / Sjamandada / joe kisser / Sterk Water / Kevin Svartvit / Zibabu / Vorthuys Daniel / Dj Matinee / Dj Bence / Garçon Taupe / 20 Billion Eyes / Dj Bloodhole / ADM Alobi Foodkar / COMA †‡† KULTUR merch / COR GOUT BOEK Presentatie: ‘Tien muziekmomenten die mijn leven veranderden’ (In de Knipscheer)
w/ Dolf Planteijdt (Morzelpronk), G.W. Sok (The EX), Rob H. Bekker (Zimihc), Cor Gout, Frank v/d Bos, Peter Bos (Trespassers W) & Lukas Simones (Dull Schicksal), Bert Vissers (Bender) + Peter Bruyn, Gé Huismans (Gonzo circus), Oscar Smit (Vinyl), Wim v/d Herik (Opscene/Fake)

Line-up so far:- Zaal100 & De Ruimte & Poortgebouw
Odal / Lik de kikker / Plan Kruutntoone / Pavel Mikhaylov / Shoko Nagamachi / HellAsh / B6RB6P6P6 / Parasnol / Poni / Panenkov / Laura Agnusdei / Maria Carlas & Mylo Cywitz / Static Tics / Ultrasheriff


Passepartout tickets á 15 euro available via:- http://occii.org/events/sotu-festival-2018/
Day-tickets 5-7 euro



Poster design by: Erik Ruin

7 April – Poortgebouw Rotterdam – Pre-SOTU
10 April – Radio Patapoe
11 April – Occii
12 April – Zaal 100
13 April – Occii & Vondelbunker
14 April – Occii & Butcher’s Tears
15 April – Occii & De Ruimte

OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134
Vondelbunker, Vondelpark 5
Butcher’s Tears, Karperweg 45
Zaal 100, De Wittenstraat 100
Café De Ruimte, Distelweg 83
Radio Patapoe PuntNL Amsterdam
Poortgebouw Rotterdam, Stieltjesstraat 38



COR GOUT BOEK Presentatie: ‘Tien muziekmomenten die mijn leven veranderden’ (In de Knipscheer)
w/ Dolf Planteijdt (Morzelpronk), G.W. Sok (The EX), Rob H. Bekker (Zimihc), Cor Gout, Frank v/d Bos, Peter Bos (Trespassers W) & Lukas Simones (Dull Schicksal), Bert Vissers (Bender) + Peter Bruyn, Gé Huismans (Gonzo circus), Oscar Smit (Vinyl), Wim v/d Herik (Opscene/Fake)

*Forum over muziektijdschriften en fanzines van toen en van nu o.l.v. Peter Bruyn (Frnkfrt), met:
Gé Huismans (ex- Gonzo (circus) ), Wim Van de Herik (ex-Opscene en Fake Magazine), Oscar Smit (ex-Vinyl, -Disco Dance en –Gonzo), Cor Gout (ex-Vinyl, -Trespassers W, -Mondain den Haag)
* Eén van de tien muziekmomenten –uitgelegd en uitgevoerd– die het leven veranderden van: Rob H. Bekker (Zimihc Band), Frank van den Bos (oa De Ideale Schoonzonen, Trespassers W), Peter Bos (idem), Cor Gout (oa Trespassers W), Dolf Planteijdt (oa Morzelpronk), Lukas Simonis (oa Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W), G.w. Sok (oa The Ex), Bert Vissers (Bender)

Cor Gout, zelf o.a. muzikant en schrijver over muziek, vroeg zeventien zeer door hem gewaardeerde muziekschrijvers om tien muziekmomenten te beschrijven die van invloed op hun leven zijn geweest, en voegde daar zijn eigen bepalende momenten aan toe. Dat leverde 18 emotioneel geladen en wetenswaardige verhalen op. Tegelijkertijd is Tien muziekmomenten die mijn leven veranderden een ode aan het bijzondere talent van deze schrijvers zelf, de tijdschriften die zij oprichtten of waarvoor ze werkten en in sommige gevallen de boeken die zij schreven.

Tien muziekmomenten is een boek over mensen, momenten en muziek. Muziek en fanzines die niet aan een bepaald genre of een bepaalde stijl gebonden ZIJN…


SOTU Festival 2018 – II V II | Uitgeverij In de Knipscheer


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paar posters




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Milford Graves Full Mantis (TonoRhythmology)

tonight we drive up to LaterenVenster in RotjedamZuid voor world premniere & solo performnce of

Milford Graves Full Mantis

Taping Policies heeft 5 nieuwe foto’s toegevoegd — Milford Graves Full Mantis bij LantarenVenster.

The Professor is in town right on time for his exclusive performance at the IFFR festival. He will be performing after the world Premiere of Full Mantis, the first feature-length documentary on the TonoRhythmology of Milford Graves. The film is directed by Jake Meginsky and co-directed by Neil Cloaca Young.

mgII mgIII mgiv mgVmg

Milford Graves Full Mantis

Jake Meginsky, Neil Young

The marvelous, mosaic-covered house of drummer/percussionist Milford Graves in South Jamaica, Queens (New York) is crammed with art: African masks, Egyptian statues and medical models. His beautiful garden is just as eclectic, full of flowers and plants from all different cultures. This ‘global garden’ reflects his inclusive philosophy. His ideas on rhythm and time signatures also relate everything to everything else, all based around the irregular beat of our heart.

In this evocative film, this spiritual drummer – who has played with greats including free jazz pioneer Albert Ayler – talks about his many sources of inspiration, all of which can be traced back to nature. Graves talks about our senses and his interest in the heartbeat, which he records and transforms into electronic music. He also talks about yara, the martial art he developed, based partly on African dance. Part of the film’s fascinating archive material is his performance in Japan, with Butoh dancer Tanaka Min, for an audience of highly enthusiastic autistic children.

The world premiere on Sat 27 Jan will be followed by a unique live performance by Milford Graves.




#internationalfilmfestivalrotterdam #milfordgraves

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Muslimgauze DJ-Project (Haperende Worm)


vr 12 januari 2018 – za 13 januari 2018


Haperende Mens presents

Spider, Spit and Broken Bells

Traces Of The Sacred

Worm and V2_ Rotterdam, OCCII Amsterdam byrn jonesMuslimgauze DJ-Project

During our Festival we will have a very special Muslimgauze DJ-Project. We aim to collectively pay tribute to the great influential music project Muslimgauze created by British musician Bryn Jones (June 17, 1961 – January 14, 1999). A broad spectrum of DJ’s will play a 1-hour set with music of Muslimgauze as well as music which they think is inspired by his work. With these different sets we get a variety of interpretations on the vast body of work created by Bryn Jones.

Participants and Timetable:
Friday 12 January:19:00Bob Rusche (X-Rated – Concertzender Nederland)
20:00 – Guy Pinhas (Southern Lord Europe)
21:00 – DJ Liquid Soundclash
22:00 – Kevin Svartvit (the тide øf тhe εnd )
Saturday 13 January:

18:00 – DJ Empty Venue (Gonzo (circus)
19:00 – Pharoah Chromium
20:00 – Sascha Roth (Pantropical)
21:00 – Koen en Tess (Ex-Incubate)
22:00 – Sjoerd Stolk (OCCII Amsterdam/Occii Stu)

In de foyer van WORM Rotterdam

The music of Muslimgauze has played a pioneering role in the development of electronic music. By bringing together styles as diverse as industrial, ritual ambient, dance and techno as well as combining previously unheard sampling techniques, the use of ethnic sounds and unique electronic repetitions the music of Muslimgauze stands out through time.

Bryn Jones recorded so much material that new releases are still published to this day. His unique blends of electronic music with controversial Islamic and Middle-Eastern influences make Muslimgauze an indispensable subject during Spider, Spit and Broken Bells.

Haperende Mens


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a Tribute to Han Bennink (BEYOND BENNINK)

Zaterdag 6 januari 2018

A tribute to Han Bennink

w/ Blue Lines (George Hadow/Michiel Scheen/Raoul van der Weide), Onno Govaert & John Dikeman Duo, Oscar Jan Hoogland en Nora Mulder & Rogier Smal Duo  + Han Bennink






Meer over de tentoonstelling Han Bennink: https://www.kranenburgh.nl/tentoonstelling/21/han-bennink

Blue Lines brengt drie generaties improviserende musici samen: het trio bestaat uit George Hadow (drums), Michiel Scheen (piano) en Raoul van der Weide (bas, cello) dat samen in een onnavolgbare mix van swing, onderzoekende improv en nomadische akkoorden zijn rusteloze zoektocht voortzet naar nieuwe mogelijkheden van ensemblespel.

De sleutelfiguren uit de jongste generatie Amsterdamse improviserende jazzmuziek Onno Govaert (drummer en instant composer) en John Dikeman (saxofonist) mogen deze middag niet ontbreken met hun intense en explosieve muziek vol overgave gespeeld. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk2nO-vBr_k

Geïnspireerd op o.a. Misha Mengelberg vertegenwoordigd pianist/componist Oscar Jan Hoogland (Amsterdam, 1983) de vierde generatie van geïmproviseerde muziek. Samen met Han Bennink vormt hij Bennink/Hoogland, maar deze middag speelt hij op zijn zelfgebouwde elektrisch klavichord, een klein klavierinstrument dat vooral in de 17de en 18de eeuw werd gebruikt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5u7s-D8OgU

Het duo Nora Mulder & Rogier Smal zoekt de grenzen van de vrije improvisatie en humor op met piano en drums. Een subtiele sonische zoektocht wordt afgewisseld met lawaaiige uitbarstingen van geluid waarbij beide instrumenten een gevecht lijken aan te gaan, waarna toch de inspiratie van het ICP-orkest en Willem Beuker Collectief weer doorschemert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptpvHXJSbEs

Unfinished Business | Een korte film van Bojan Fajfric

Mariette Dolle interviewt Han Bennink + live

14.30 – 16.30 | 7,50 euro | KRANENBURGH, culturele buitenplaats Bergen


Astral Spirits

Would you look at that! Rob Mazurek‘s “Chimeric Stoned Horn” takes the top honors at #1 on this amazing list from Tabs Out!!

Also worth mentioning the other 5 Astral Spirits tapes that made the list: Billington/Shippy/Wyche at #39, Michael Foster & Ben Bennett at #49! Also, Birchall/Smal/Webster, More Eaze/A.F. Jones & Steven Flato and Monas (Colin Fisher, Johnny DeBlase & Kid Millions)…my favorite end of the year list to find so much amazing music, check it out!

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Southern LorDEW O))) Europe

Op zondag 29 oktober presenteert Southern Lord Europe een loodzware avond met

southernlordewSunn O))), MAGMA, UNSANE, CIRCLE, WOLFBRIGADE, Big ‡ Brave, OKKULTOKRATI, DEW en Vitamin X.

Southern Lord are hosting a special event in Amsterdam, home of their European office, as a celebration of the label’s diversity and ever expanding roster. The label have invited an array of bands to perform for one night only across two stages.The line up includes Big | Brave, Circle, Magma, Okkultokrati, Sunn O))), Unsane, DEW, Vitamin X en Wolfbrigade. Nowhere else have all these bands shared a venue together in one night, and we’re all thrilled to make it happen.


FB-event: Southern Lord Europe Presents – Melkweg Amsterdam
Tickets: bit.ly/southernlordtix

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MiMa (WorM)

September MiMa,
welcoming the autumn but with summer still burning on our buns.
We have two amazing acts lined up for you:
Jooklo Duo & Riccardo Sinigaglia (IT)
doing electro acoustic research that resonates echoes of ancient rituals.
Duke S. (020)
with his quirky mix of synthetic exotica, sun ra-esque electro jazz and ambient with faux field recordings.
September 5th
upstairs at
Boomgaardsstr. 71
Doors 20:00 / Start 20:30
!! FREE show !!
More info below,
but first there is another announcement to make:
our new friend in town Herman
is setting up some nice shows as well,
September 8th During the opening of Theater Rotterdam at the Schouwburg, in the artist foyer,
you can come and listen to sounds of Red Brut, Eklin and enjoy the Geuze and Spookjesbar.
September 19th Theater Rotterdam at the Schouwburg, Kleine Zaal,
with performances of WIDT (pl), Das Ding (nl) and SONNDR (nl). fb
October 10th– Theater Rotterdam at the Schouwburg, Kleine Zaal,
with performances of Kraus (nz), Zoontoon (nl) and more tba.
The promised info:
Jooklo Duo & Riccardo Sinigaglia (IT)
The duo Jooklo (Virginia Genta and David Vanzan) and Riccardo Sinigaglia (founder of the legendary Futuro Antico and Correnti Magnetiche) met in November 2015 in Milan, at a studio session organised by Black Sweat Records. The collaboration that grew out of this meeting is an ever-evolving electro-acoustic research which (according to the participants) invokes “ancient rituals, deeply rooted in improvisation and abstract structures aiming to a complete fusion of several sound sources.” Sinigaglia and Jooklo utilise Farfisa organ, synthesizers, reeds, and percussion to create harmonious but often challenging results. Expect “old and new dreams of Italy’s finest psychedelia and “new shapes (in) the realm of mystic music.”
Duke S. (NL)
Duke S. is the project of Étienne Baudet. Baudet’s sound is a quirky mix of synthetic exotica, Sun Ra-esque electro jazz and ambient, laced with “faux field recordings”[sic]. The feeling is both futuristic and outdated, evoking ancient Egypt as well as adventures in outer space. At times the sound has something of Finnish composer Pekka Airaksinen. Live shows are accompanied by 8-bit visuals and of course cactuses.
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