SOTU Festival 2012

The SOTU (Sound Of The Underground) is a new three day festival that will take place from the 11th of May until the 13th of May 2012. The festival will concentrate on alternative & independent music culture and a varied music program will be on offer consisting of noise, indie pop, psychedelica, avant-garde, global bass, improv jazz and underground dance.

An adventurous and diverse program has been created in collaboration with curators from these organizations:
Plattegrond, Hallo Gallo, Bomb Diggy, Club Lederhosen, Toztizok Zoundz, Schijnheilig, Lemon Community, Future Friday Features, Experimental YetZet, A/V Club, De Peper, Kinderpret, Wonderland, Subbacultcha!

Tickets on sale from 21st. March. (Day ticket €10.-) 


Gay Anniversary (GR), Bazooka (GR), DJ Narain Ashad (BD), U.S Girls (US), PAK (US), Lucky Dragons (US), Diamond Catalog (US), Cute Heels (BE), Stel-R (BE), Hungry Soul (BE), Gum Takes Tooth (UK), Teen Radiation (NL), Dagora (NL), Martin Duvall (NL), Rivers Area Juke Squad (NL), Dead Neanderthals (NL), Plattegrond Noise Orkest (NL) Sleepgunner (NL), Every Bolt Rumbling (NL), Lekkernijen (NL), Spoon Lifts Moon (NL)

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