Heinous Whining #13 (Online evenement)

“Algorythmically generated machine learned noise gig improves comprehensibility” claims the big wigs in the Meeedia! But we know this is hardcrafted incompetence this very Saturday! Zoinks!

heinous whining

Was gonna insert a clever “we live inside a stream” Twin Peaks joke here but a good idea escapes me. Going to be running these streams fortnightly now to…
1) ensure quality
2) retain my sanity
3) cos I wanna
But we got a bumper lineup to reconcile ya Saturday woes (or whoa!s)
Phil Minton – Feral vocal gymnastics and trickshots from long-time master of the gurp & slurp cheektwist and lung huff. If you google him google thinks he’s a jazz trumpeter which is kinda right if you have a right loose grasp on a trumpet..https://f-a-t-a-k-a.bandcamp.com/album/a-doughnuts-end
Mik Quantius – Weird messings with the object that is an instrument. Can it be mushed? Stacked? Petted? Squeezed? Crushed?? Yamaha keoyboard chance chords cacophonisings and vocal mystery stuff
Yol – It’s YOL! Yeah you know it! He’s on line!!!! Primeval holler and the biggest nails on the chalkiest board scrape n howl about Tescos meal deals other crushing banalities https://yolnoise.bandcamp.com/album/shit-holiday
Carnivorous Plants Trio – Carny Plants returns with a whole shrubsworth more of folks in tow. Blind jams meet in the middle into undoubtedly warm, dense malaise https://liquidlibrary.bandcamp.com/album/everything-is-always-real
… (something) ruined
– Finally some decent bloody humans powering the electronics. Fierce electronic skreeeee from Foldhead’s head head and righteous punching up from ‘loud poet’ Aural ‘Chris’ Aggravations https://humanworth.bandcamp.com/track/5-minutes-over-leeds-live-at-human-worth-iii
Swarn Front – TOPH dreamteam of Adam Denton, Mariam Rezaei and Mark Wardlaw speak sombre sounds and stretch and scratch electricity into a grey malaise. Entirely compos mentis free-fall-form https://tophgateshead.bandcamp.com/album/sear
Worship my Panther – Crunched keyboard preset disco rhythms and wiggles from one of the bones from Woven Skull https://hypnagogictapes.bandcamp.com/album/worship-my-panther-60-minutes-of-ecstatic-floor-fillers
Labas Krabas – Odie ji Ghast & Thomas Tyler use dictaphones, voice, guitar, mountain dulcimer, bells, electronics, tapes, miscellaneous objects & baby to tear a sizeable chunk out of your clue hole. Now you haven’t got a scooby what’s going on. Praise be! https://cadmustape.bandcamp.com/album/12daay
Blackcloudsummoner & Otherworld – Two masters of psyched out and big brain deep dark dirge and decay return to HW to team up and ride it out! Utter talents!! https://outletarchival.bandcamp.com/album/my-god-is-full-of-stars
Expose Your Eyes – Goold ol’ blown out too-much technicolour audio gristle from Paul Harrison. Whiggin’ it from minimal to maximal https://aphelioneditions.bandcamp.com/album/brain-pan
Sippy Cup – Absolutely free music. Anything to hand racketeering into ecstatic full-play colourful joy shit. Squeaky toys and drums? Guitar and a lightswitch? https://sippy-cup.bandcamp.com/
+ more TBA
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