vital past (chain lock 2020)

ALSO , this record is finally out. or digitally anyway, does that count ?

Roro opened up a 6 week tour for EARTH doing a duo with master musician, master mind and master friend Don McGreevy. We didn’t have anything prepared really, we jammed twice before the first show. And post tour we had too much coffee and recorded this in Amsterdam. It sounds like a long time ago. But everybody is living in the past anyway, right ?
Have a listen:

released April 1, 2020

DM: 6 & 12 string electric & acoustic guitars, mellotron, glockenspiel, saw sharpening

RS: trap-kit, mini gongs, percussives, congas, bells, etc.

Accompanied by Skerik: baritone Sax (Jigsaw and Devils)

Recorded by Luc van Weelden and Beau Eckhardt at RPM Studio March 2015 Amsterdam. Additional engineering by Evan Schiller May 2016 at Zulu studios Seattle
Mixed and mastered at Zulu by Evan June 2016

number 1232
week 19

MARIA CARLAS & MYLO CYWITZ – 3N6463M3N7 DR1V3R’ (USB by Toztizok Zoundz)

In 2018 Carlas and Cywits debuted with a cassette release for the Dutch Plattegrond Records. I remember being pleasantly surprised and impressed by their strange opera-like music. With their new album ‘3n6463m3n7 dr1v3r’ – a digital-only release for Toztizok Zoundz – this Amsterdam-based duo continues on this path and further explore and deepen their operatic and semi-orchestral music. Maria Carlas (real name: Carla Genchi) is a classically trained vocalist from Italy. She studied at the Nino Rota Conservatory in Monopoli. Cywitz is a singer and composer of German origin, and that is about all I know from his background. Vocals function at the centre in their dramatic musical constructions, ranging from operatic singing to sprechgesang in Dutch, English or French. Sometimes they sing with their natural voices, sometimes they are manipulated. Consequently embedded in a weird instrumental environment of electronics and acoustical instruments (keyboards, synth, sampler, mandolin, glockenspiel, etc.), that suggest orchestral proportions. Their very outspoken and bizarre musical compositions can be situated somewhere between audio play and music. It all sounds very determined and worked out. In live settings, visuals and costumes complete their theatrical concept. But also without these aspects listening to their playful music is very rewarding. (DM)

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