The New Art and Music Collective Dagora present: Toztizok Zoundz #1312

The New Art and Music Collective Dagora present:

The Artist Formerly Known As Dagora – Cymbol
Toztizok Zoundz #1312

Dagora come back together to collaborate on this new release: 70 minutes of ambient drone, with artwork channeling the free spirit of Prince.

Percussionist Stevus fills the first side with 35 minutes of hypnotic cymbal wash, all acoustic and without effects. He works the cymbal to bring out the beauty and complexity of its sound, whispering to its stillness whilst caressing it’s form to create resonance upon resonance. Imagine you’re weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little seahorses.

tape whole

Side two sees PQ manipulate Stevus’s recording. Through his wide range of machines, the circuit bending wizard, chews up the drone input and spits it out re-imagined. The spirit remains but the body is transformed. His inexplicable contraptions metamorphose the subject into a new nebulous form, somewhat warm, distorted, amniotic and caring. Like Han Solo slicing open the belly of his dead tauntaun and stuffing Luke in to warm him up and save his life.

tape inside

Artwork is by the third long-term member of Dagora, Rojoe, a cut and paste collage made on the back of Prince’s Honda Hawk or Billy’s Panhead, we’ll never know, he was going too fast to see. His “live to ride” leather vest the only hint that it was him, his humming of Blaze Foley songs filling the air as he sped away a cloud of dust suggesting he headed east.

tape front

Now crack a 40, pour a sip out for the homies, and remember ACAB!

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