Green Like Mama Ganja (DONE !)

The first out of three guitar related tapes we are releasing.
Eugene Chadbourne on guitar, banjo and vocals. And Rogier Smal on drums.
Recorded in Amsterdam beginning of this year.
Get them now, or don’t. 5 Euro.
Next up are Thale and Arvind Ganga.

ecrs tape

Eugene Chadbourne , Guitar,Banjo,Vocals.
Rogier Smal , Drums

Green like mama Ganja.
6 tracks , 40 copies made.

Rogier Smal

The first time i played with Eugene Chadbourne was in 2011 in a bookstore in Greensboro, North Carolina. We’ve been playing some shows left and right as a duo ever since then and did two recording sessions the beginning of this year. 6 tracks from those sessions just got released on tape by toztizokzoundz.
We did some improvisations and some versions of existing songs. One song i am very happy about is “Willin” by Lowell George. A trucksong i got turned on to by a dear friend. The song is about being out on the the cold, wet and lonely road. Something that is easy to relate to.
There are 40 copies of this “Green like mama Ganja” tape made. Available from me or toztizok.

doc chad solo occii

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