Psychopath Shaman (Irrational Library)

Some new and weird tunes from Lukas Simonis, Henk Bakker and Rogier Smal.

Z6 records was founded by lukas Simonis as a WORM project in 2001. The original idea was to release ‘experimental electronic music sometimes mixed with weird pop sounds’. At a certain point, Simonis decided to continue the label and make it his own playground, allthough it is still related to Simonis’ activities for the WORM SoundStudio.


Irrational Library live Patronaat Cafe! With a whole lot of stuff!


Another fine poster by Sahara Blond. And what a freakin lineup!

K-NON & Dj NekstWon
Gijs Borstlap (Rooie Waas)
Kyarash Davoudi
Een Allegaartje
Firma Tacker Tape present Planet Paradroid
DJ Flexy Finger

Hosted by Johnny Bumfucka & his pleasant friend Nord Nordnordnordenson

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