7 hours of fine deprog ambience for your brain! (BSE)

Vorige week 2 uur met Toztizok Zoundz en daarna nog een paar uurtjes met Shoko Nagamachi ()

BSE op http://radiopatapoe.nl

BSE 21-4-2015 by H.A. Van Hees on Mixcloud

Starting off early again, Toztizok Zoundz was very present producing some very tozti vocals, toy guitar and other crazy zoundz. Unfortunately there was some incident by which we missed out on some half hour of recording – of course these were the ultimate moments, lost forever! After the dropout, in came Ogy who had a real talent for autonomy in an otherwise quite interactive atmosphere :\
After Tozti left (some 2.5 hours into the show), in came Shoko to stir things up. So a long, long session followed afterhours, with some serious ambient, harsh, drums stacked on filters, piano’s in overdrive, and..and..
Well anyway, this resulted in one of the longer sessions – 7 hours of fine deprog ambience for your brain!

ThankXxX H A N S


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