Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal (UK tour 2015.-)

Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal UK tour 2015.

International saxophone and drums duo. Connecting the dots between the vast Paris and Amsterdam music scenes.
Wild jazz explorations with hints of noise, spirituals and punk.

Tour poster smallcathyartwork by Helena Sanders.

25-april- BRIGHTON – cowley club –
26-april- WORTHING – train of thought gallery *
27-april- LEEDS – the fenton –
28-april- NOTTINGHAM – jt soar –
29-april- SHEFFIELD – shakespeares –
30-april- GLASGOW – old hairdressers –
01-mai- TODMORDEN – unitarian church –
02-mai- MANCHESTER – st margarets church –
03-mai- LILLE – ccl –

* (trio with Dylan Nyoukis)

ch_rs uk tour photo

tapie maicathy heyden / rogier smal tape.
recordings from paris. end of 2014.
artwork by Mai. 80 copies made. //

zaterdag 25 april
Chocolate Monk & Safehouse present a night of Heavy Improv and Strange Sounds
-w/ Cathy Heyden/Rogier Smal v Axel Dörner/Roger Turner/Dominic Lash + Das Kiste Quintett + Murphy/Paxon
Cowley Club, Brighton

zondag 26 april
Sunday Blooze Be Gone
-w/ Cathy Heyden/Rogier Smal/Dylan Nyoukis + Four Manatees + St Winiborde + The Jezter + Uncle Jim
Train of Thought Emporium, Worthing

maandag 27 april
The all new Termite Club is finally in action! 4th Incarnation since 1843!!!
-w/ Cathy Heyden/Rogier Smal + Panelak + Guttersnipe
The Fenton, Leeds

dinsdag 28 april
Rammel Club presents…
JT Soar, Nottingham

woensdag 29 april
the shakespeare in Sheffield

donderdag 30 april
Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal Duo + Howie Reeve + Arnot,Welch,Renema Trio
The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

vrijdag 1 mei
New Tor bookings show at Todmorden Unitarian Church!
-w/ Rogier Smal & Cathy Heyden + Festival Romance + Daniel Thomas

zaterdag 2 mei
Tubers MiniFestival
-w/ Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal + Bark! + Rosanne Robertson + Vitalija Glovackyte/Joe Snape + Han-Earl Park/Dominic Lash/Corey Mwamba + Ortho Stice
St Margaret’s Church, Manchester

28 april uk tour

30 april uk tour

27 april uk tour

2 mei uk tour

1 mei uk tour


Here is a link to recordings of the show Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal played at the TermiteClub in Leeds on their recent UK tour. Also the other performances are there. Have a listen. If you buy a track all profits go to the Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network. Fuck the borders.

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