Majjem Radio

Majjem Radio is the most popping experimental show ever on Dutch local radio. A sprawling puddle of good taste and outsider choices.

Tonight on Majjem-Radio: Roro/Rogier Smal…Talking, playing and bringing some brandnew sounds & just finished a new magazine with 12 new drawings… roro zine

Don’t miss it! 21.00-23.00 through antenna/stream at omroep Venlo…after that HERE…..

New Show Online 23-01-2013

Hour 1:
Hour 2:

Hour 1
Guest during the whole show Roro/Rogier Smal
Roro – Deskjob
Cd: Various – An Unfinished Business Compilation [Unfinished Business UFB004]
Roro – Untitled #1
Lp+Cdr: Roro [Toztizok Zoundz #23]
Rogier Smal & Yedo Gibson – Untitled
Split w/? [Forthcoming]
Harrar <-> Roro – Session De Soirée
Cdr: Cinema Soloriens Dyad []

Hour 2
Dagora – Untitled
Cdr: (h)ear Festival Sampler 2012 []
Roro & Arvind Ganga – Untitled
Forthcoming Album
Roro – @ Majjem HQ
Radiosession [Own Recording]
Drcarlsonalbion – The Faery Round
Lp: La Strega And The Cunning Man In The Smoke [Latitudes GMT 0:35 V]

Listen to Majjem Radio live, every Wednesday between 21.00 and 23.00 hour (European Time) via Omroep Venlo FM Live Stream, or download our show from our MySpace site. Members: Wil Roeven, Jeroen Frencken

majjem radio

Ze Majjem brengt muziek, die volgens de makers niet de aandacht krijgt die het verdient!

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