2013 Starting with a bang!

this’ll be the first gig of the new year for me, just before i head to the UK for solo shows alongside “nacht un nebel” from nottingham and “lumbers” from brighton.

i appreciate that making tour events like this has no small amount of redundancy, but in alphabetical order because, well, why not:

LUMBERS (Brighton)
music for the retiring misery enthusiast

NACHT UND NEBEL (Nottingham)
rumbling scraping misuse of cello recordings

RORO (Amsterdam)
one man, one snare drum

19 January at BAR RICHART
Rogier smal & Lazara Rosell Albear duo + Party -w/ DJ MEGAWATT & DJVC
Antwerpen (stadswaag 12)

20 January at GALLERY CAFE
Roro solo (tour with nacht und nebel & lumbers) + LEFT HAND CUTS OFF THE RIGHT
London (21 Old Ford Road, E2 9PL)

Droner Loners present…

Weird music played by nice people – in no particular order –

Gallery Cafe, London, E2 9PL – round the corner from the Museum of Childhood, 5 mins walk from Bethnal Green tube.

The venue is a not-for-profit veggie/vegan cafe, so come and sit and eat awesome vegan pizza with tea or beer and spin out to unearthly noises.
‘Doors’ 7pm but feel free to come any time before that, the cafe will be open as usual. First act playing 7.50-8pm sharp, music over by 10.30pm.

Four quids, no jerks.

All money made after costs will be going to DIY Space for London
Donations for that very welcome.

21 January
Roro solo (tour with nacht und nebel & lumbers)
Margate (contact eyeheartdoom@yahoo.co.uk for details)

22 January at PEANUT GALLERY
Roro solo (tour with nacht und nebel & lumbers)
London (12 stour road. E2 2NT)

The debut event at Peanut Gallery, an artist-run living and work space in London.

BYOB, donations for the touring musicians gratefully received.

23 January at Brighton/Hove border
Roro solo (tour with nacht und nebel & lumbers)

Seats 25, so the first 25 people to email wesleygoatley@gmail.com will get a place. £5 entry, there’ll be wine and beer to be purchased, with all drinks proceeds going to the tour. A fine way to spend a midwinter’s evening.

24 January at private location near M1 5QR
Roro solo (tour with nacht und nebel & lumbers)
(private space. contact blackandwhitecatpress@hotmail.com for details)

25 January at GO SLOW CAFE
Roro solo (tour with nacht und nebel & lumbers) + chips & coleslaw (glasgow)
Glasgow (452 victoria road, G42 8YU)
‘Last minute early evening gig this friday (byob)’

26 January …NEED HELP…
Roro solo (tour with nacht und nebel & lumbers)

Roro solo (tour with nacht und nebel & lumbers) + w>a>s>p>s
Nottingham (Roden Street, NG3 1JH)

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